Best 8x DVDR burner wars

Digital Research 8x Internal DVD±RW/±R/CD-RW Drive - White
Hewlett-Packard 8x Internal DVD±RW/CD-RW Writer
Memorex 8x Internal DVD±RW/CD-RW Drive
Pioneer 8x Internal DVD±RW/CD-RW Drive
Sony 8x Internal DVD±RW/±R/CD-RW Drive
Universal BUSlink 8x Internal DVD±RW/±R/CD-RW

So, out of these, which is the best buy??

Why these drives any particular reason. Personally I have a pioneer drive and have had no problems with that at all.

Because these are the ones BestBuy are offering. (I dont have time to order)

also add:
Lite On 8x Internal DVD±RW/CD-RW Drive
to the list…

Well then I’m unsure on the other makes and knowing the likes of HP / memorex / digital research / universal buslink, there could be anything inside the box, from a rebadged lite-on drive to a cheap inferior writer. See what other people have to say or stick with a good name in writers mainly the sony or pioneer.

Whats wrong with Memorex? I have heard some good things about the Memorex 32023269.

I’ve never owned one and I now nothing about it thats why I recommended the other two.