Best 8cm mini DVDs that aren't Verbs?

Well, the single Verbatims prove a little to pricey for my liking, and I can’t buy the only pod-based ones in batches of 10 because they’re not non-printable which would greatly irritate me as I like to write on them and non-printables can’t have the writing wiped off to start over (as I never get it nice and neat first time)!

And so, I am left looking at other 8cm media that is non-printable. Lightscribe would be cool but by no means essential.

There is a list of thing here:

However, if someone is aware of another place selling better media, I will gladly go there instead, it’s just that SVP have good selection and are reliable so I always look there first.

(I have avoided Ritek like the plague for a couple of years since a run in with bad media and the rep they get here, however I was told this by someone about the Traxdata 4x 1.4GB 8cm DVD-R (RITEKG0401):

“I use the traxdata mini’s which are g04 and they are fine. I know 2 or so years ago there was issues with the g05 being generally crap and degrading quickly and the later g04’s joining them in that regard , but the 8cm discs seemed to of steered clear of that crap or at least the traxdata ones did. Still got my original burns from when the viper first appeared (2 or so years old) and they are fine and as far as know haven’t suffered any degrading issues.”

Sorry to blabber, hope someone can point me in the right direction!:bow:

I’m not really sure how you use your 8 cm DVDs, but if you record them in a camera and want to keep them for posterity, have you considered using 8 cm DVD-RAM or DVD-RW for recording, and then transferring to cheaper 12 cm DVD+/-R for permanent storage? EDIT: Ah, going by your other thread you use them for Gamecube backups, so nevermind.

I don’t have any experience with 8 cm media, but if I had to buy something cheaper than Verbatim from the selection at SVP, I’d try the HP branded CMC MAG. AF1 and the Ricoh or Traxdata branded RITEKG0401 (hoping they are not instant degrading like some of the 12 cm RITEKG04).

Thanks. I’m not restricted to SVP BTW, any brand suggestion will do - I’m not aware of any other A grade mini DVD media though.

I was sure I heard that CMC was bad?

[quote=groovemeister;2034619]I was sure I heard that CMC was bad?[/quote] Compared to other stuff out there, CMC media in general isn’t bad, but at least a few years back the compatibility with writers was not nearly as good as e.g. Mitsubishi and Taiyo Yuden media codes. Since this is 4x rated media, compatibility with current DVD writers may not be great but who knows (they are really intended for video cameras).

CMC media can vary a lot, but in general HP seems to mostly get the better CMC media.

I can’t tell you how the HP branded 8cm CMC manufactured DVDs will work in your writers or how good the quality is, but if price is so important, I would check them out.

I’m sure I could dig out a couple of Infiniti ones if you want to try them,

Thanks for the offer. I just went ahead and ordered the Traxdata ones.

If they’re rubbish then I can always invest in Verbs and re-burn.