Best 851S firmware for READING?

Mr.Pikle, I tend to agree. With DVD+Rs the PIF rate seems to be very similar for the same disk across firmwares. I don’t care about -R, but from what your results it seems that the 851 would be worthless for checking -R burns :eek:

Actually I’m using DVD+RWs to (cough) backup video dvds. The +R are for data only (work related). So they must be 100% OK. That’s why I’m so paranoid about them. :cop:

I was hoping to defray my NEC from doing video backups, but that didn’t work well either, 'cause the 851 makes poor burns and even coasters with my +RWs. :sad:

Unfortunately the higher error rate of the newer firmwares seems to lead to less discrimination between good and bad burns. I realized this when K0deKing put out CG3B with the recalibration at 2.4x. Look the following scans done on the same burn, one with GS08, one with CG3B. You’ll see that the really bad areas have the same PI error rate (~400). But the good areas are much harder to spot with the newer firmware. So the newer firmwares have in fact less discrimination, at least on my 851.