Best 851S firmware for READING?

I’m using a NEC drive to do all my writing on RICOHJPN-R01 (+R). I bought a Lite-on mainly to check the write quality. In the past I’ve used a friends 851S drive to sample my discs. Since it was his drive, I didn’t have much to say about the firmware on it. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, I’ve almost always had lower errors than he had with his own writes. :bow: Now, my friend move far, far away…

So, I’m trying to find out what’s the best READING/TESTING firmware for the 851S with RICOHJPN-R01. Any wise (cd)freaks that can help?

IMHO GS0K is the best firmware for 851S regarding RICOHJPNR01. See the attachment below for a burn made yesterday of TRAXDATA DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01).

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Upgrade it to US0N/812S or VS0B/832S for the best reading and writing. You will find the firmware on my site to do this:

@C0deKing: These firmwares gives me about 5 times higher error values than GS0K on the very same media. I dont know why, but I’ll stick to GS0K for now.

My drive came with GS08 on it. The results I’m getting with it are in line with I used to get with my friends 851 with GS0K, although a bit less good than yours.

I may give the 832 firmwares a try though. Must be really bored first :stuck_out_tongue:

Scan that media with 832 firmware and post the scan afterwards. I’m really interested in GSC2 reading capabilities and may give it a try.

What is GSC2? Do you mean CG2B?

First a correction: my friend was using GS0C not K.

Same disk scan after firmware update to official GS0K (which does not affect the 1K data eeprom in any way, I compared before and after).

As you can see it got far worse. :sad:

Next I’ll try the 832S patched firmware…

Here’s the scan with VS0B firmware. Could it get worse? :a

well, try to scan it with gs0c again;)

The disk I’ve used in the tests above was a retail 10-pack box of Memorex w/caddies. Here are the results for a different disk, also RICOHJPN-R01 media code, but from 50-pack spindleless “box” of unbranded Ridata (from newegg). This is one of the crappiest disks I have…

Results in order of firmwares: GS08, GS0K, VS0B.

What I can deduce from all this is that burn quality order seems to be preserved across firmwares, i.e. if dis2 is worse than disk1 with some firmware, it will likely be so with a different firmware on the same drive. But not much else unfortunately…

It seems that there is a slight burn-in effect (for the worse actually) with this drive. This is a scan of the 1st disk after reverting back to the GS08 firmware (well except for those two bytes in EEPROM). The drive has been in almost continous operation for 8 hours.

I meant codeguys quality optimized firmwares, CG**. Sorry but it is hard to think after a lot of Passport Scotch :cop:

I don’t think it’ll make much difference. First, their stuff is based on recent firmware, which does poorly on my drive read-wise. Second, all their optimizations were for write quality, if I’m not mistaking…

I supposed I’m stuck with a 851 that doesn’t like the new crop of firmware :sad:

I’m starting to wonder if I should completely ignore the PI results. The PIF data seems to be somwhat consistent across firmwares…

It seems that the latest usable firmware as far as reading is concerned is GS0H

This seems to confirm what many otheres have stated here

By request, here is the result with CG2B. Bad as expected :stuck_out_tongue:

After all this ruckus, I can only conclude that the PI errors on the picky lite-ons are simply useless. They don’t seem to have any correlation with the PIF errors. With all the different firmwares I’ve tried, the PIFs were consistent for a given disc.

Some people indicated that the huge PI values reported with newer firmares go away when you test at 2x. That’s true. Unfortunately it also true that at even at 2x the newer firmware report far more PI errors. Graphs to back it up:

Why exactly is it a bad thing that newer firmwares report higher error rates on your burns? Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re just using the Lite-On to check write quality and then go on to watch/use the discs in a standalone player? If the newer firmwares are more ‘picky’ about detecting errors on your burns, then once you establish a baseline (i.e. I’m averaging around x PI and y PIF with media type z), I would think that you can actually better compare burns.

For example, if you stick with the firmware that gives you PI 10 max with RICOHJPNR01, there’s really no where to ‘go’ if you ever tried something like Taiyo Yuden (which I will assume would give at least a marginally better burn than Ricoh R01). Conversely, if you have spikes up to 300-500 PI, then even an improvement of 10% would be very visible in absolute terms (30-50 max PI reduction compared to 1 max PI reduction).

I know we all like to see pretty KProbe scans, but it seems this way would be more useful to you as a diagnostic tool.

Anyway, just my two cents.:slight_smile:

The 451/851 hard ware seems different enough that -R media do not burn very well on 812/832 that uses 451/851 firmware. I have now verified this with over 10 coasters usig various 451/851 firmwares.

1st pic is a GS0H burnt disk scanned with GS0K, seems the GS0K is beginning to start to look like the 812/832 later firmware…

Same media burnt with GS0K @ 4x makes coasters. I dont expect 2X burns to be much better… The new DSP in the 812/832 for -R 8X burns is sufficiently different that they produce side effects, maybe going the other way works better. But retrograding looks bad.

The problem is not that something is reporting higher or lower, but that the report is worthless since it is inconsistant and does not reflect reality that a disk is usable or not. The scans look like pretty pictures.