Best 812S USON Strategy for ProdiscS03 Dvd-R discs?

Hi guys:

i’m getting roughly a pi error of roughly 50 and pif of 0.06 for my prodisc s03 burns. using 812s with us0n fw omnipatched. Like to know if there’s a way of switching firmware strategies around as suggested by other posters here. for instance, how do i switch the prodisc03 strategy with the TY02 strategy?

I have burned around 300 Prodisc S03s on a Pioneer 107D over various firmware upgrades and have just started to try a few on my Liteon 812S with various firmware changes. The PI/PIF readings you are getting are great for these discs. I have found just slightly better readings with the US0Q firmware but the readings are not significantly different. These discs read extremely well when I test them on CDSpeed’s transfer rate test all the way up to 14X so I have not been too concerned over trying to get a few PI less. If you do find anything let me know. I am sold on these discs and will use them for a long time. This poster,

has burned over 5000.

I think you mean the TYG02 strategy as the Yuden T02 is for +R. I am not the Omnipatcher expert but if you double-click on the type you want to modify a window pops up with the options you can choose from. You then double-click on the one you want to substitute.

These discs (at least my batch) are VERY hit or miss. one will be perfect, while the very next one will look horrid. The best strat I’ve found so far is gsc003 daxon008 is not too bad, but check out my post in the strat swap result thread to see all my pain!

ohh and i only use uson for good reason

Thanks so much for the tips guys. Thank you chas for the pointer on strategy switching. I swapped the prodisc s03 strategy with prodisc s04 and then burn using nero at 4X. The errors are a bit less, so i think i’ll stick with this for now.

On a completely different note, my ritek / ricohjpn r01 discs has been getting mountain errors towards the end of disc (pi error maximum of 500) even though the average is around 5. This is happening with a nero burn of 8X. So i’ve throttled down to 4x and the mountain effect seemed to have gone away.

I don’t know, but looks like my 812S is exhibiting an inconsistency in burning results. Especially on this batch of ritek/ricoh discs that i’m using.