Best 812S USON Strategy for cmc mag r01 +r discs?

Hi all:

i’m using the omnipatch to patch usoq fw for my 812s. i applied the earlier shift and force-shifting strategy as well as enabling 6x and 8x speed hack to some of my stack of dvd medias (cmc 2.4x +R discs, ricoh r01 +r, tdkg02 -r, ritekg04-r, and prodisc s03-r discs). so far attempting an 8x burn on the philips 2.4x cmc r01 +r disc. failed the first burn near 10% using the orlogix recordnow dx 4.5. Trying Nero with 8x speed as well. Seems to be burning very smoothly. The initialization/ calibration stage of the disc was much faster as well.

Will run kprobe to see if i get any decent scans.

Btw, can anyone share their successful writing strategies/ firmware used on the 812s with this particular media?

Much Obliged!


CMC MAG R01 should burn fine using the stock strategy at 8x. Try the burn without early shift and force-shift, as both of those gave me problems with my R01@8x.

Update #1:

I got crazy errors towards the end of the disc. Did a quick playback and found that the disc (LOTR-ROTK) starts skipping around 1 hour 20 minutes into the movie. The skipping is very sever. i’m attemping another burn. This time will try 4X burn and using the “apply recommended media tweaks” option in OP.


Reflashed the usoq fw using op, this time only clicked the “apply strategy change” option and left rest alone. Restarted and used nero and burned at 4X. This time, the burn seems fine by visual inspection. However, there’s a ring of slight shadow a little bit close to the beginning of the disc. And sure enough, i get playback glitches 12~15 mins into the movie. The playback resumed ok after that period, and went smooth sailing all the way to the end of the disc.

ok, i’ll attempt to burn it once more, this time using the uson fw with op to apply the strategy change option. But i’ll be burning at 2.4X with nero instead.

will be reporting back soon.

Anyone have any thoughts on this at all?

Tks for the info code65536, but i was unable to select 8x burning without doing the speed hack in op. the resulting disc was smooth burning towards the very end of the disc, where the disc exhibited a tremendous mountain error effect and was completely unplayable. (massive glitches) i’ll try to post a kprobe scan when i figure out how to. :eek:

Here’s a scan with the same usoq fw using op but burnt @ 4x. Experienced playback glitches 12 mins into the disc. The rest of the disc were fine.

Btw, is there a finite number of times for firmware flashes? I mean, will i kill the burner if i keep on reflashing the firmware?

That’s the 4x burn? Whew. I guess I’ll take back my earlier statement about CMC MAG R01 being good. (see my most recent post in the CMC +R thread in the media tests forum) :stuck_out_tongue:

Either bad/inconsistent media or burner.

BTW, could you scan at 4x instead of Max?

@ code65536: how did you get your 812s to burn 8X so smoothly? Is there a special trick that you did? i’m now trying my 4th and last go at making the cmc mag r01 disc working. I’ve resorted to using 2.4X with the uson fw, omnipatched with the strategy trick only.

anyway, here’s the scan for the 2.4X burn. Not very good towards the very end. got 549 maximum pi errors.

p.s. how do you guys switch writing strategies of one disc for another? I don’t recall seeing this option in the omnipatch 1.3.7 that i’m using. Does it have anything to do with that “eye glass” looking icon?

Scan at 4x with the kprobe? i suppose so, if i can find an option to do so. But regardless of the scan speed, that disc burnt at 4x was not playable between the first 12mins ~ 20 mins of the disc. I got these discs from office depot, the brand is Philips. I guess i’ll avoid this disc for my 812s then. Coz the ricohjpn r01 seems to work great on this drive. Even at 8X.

here’s the scan at 4x. Looks really bad!! :a

btw, care to share your 8x strategy for this cmc disc? Much obliged!