Best 6800GT PCIe comparison?


I currently have a Golden sample (overclocked) 6800GT card with 256MB DDR3
ram. Now I wonder if I was to trade up to PCIe system, what would be the
cheapest card with at least the same or slightly better performance I could

Best Wishes

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a stock 7600gt is about equal with an overclocked 6800gt and you can get them for around $100 if you are in the US, but if you want some performance boost, go with either a 7900gs or x1950pro, both are $150 and are quite a bit faster than a 7600gt

^?? A 7600GT will kill that 6800GT.

not really, depending on how much the 6800gt is OCd it will push anywhere from 6000-6400+ fill rate, a stock 7600gt has a 6720 fill rate, not much of a difference. also the 6800gt has much higher memory bandwidth with its 256bit memory bus vs. the 7600GTs 128bit memory bus. agp vs pcie doesn’t even come into play since the 6800gt is nowhere near saturating the agp bus

on most games the 7600gt will run ~1-2FPS faster (when run with the same cpu, ram, etc) and on a few games where memory bandwidth is important the 6800gt will run ~1-2FPS faster