Best 4x/8x DVD+R Media for the DW822A?

It’s been a headache trying to find out which dvd+r media I should order. I purchased some Verbatim disks (which worked perfectly) when I first got the drive but that route is far to expensive.

So, I’d like to have 8x capability as I had with the Verbatims if possible, but cheaper. If it comes down to price vs. 8x, I’ll go with price and get 4x.

Will RiData 4x DVD+R with the RICOHJPNR01 code backup movies successfully at 8x? If so that is what I will get. If not, what is a better selection. I’m probably going to use as I live in Canada.

Thanks guys a lot.

I don’t have this drive, but they say RICOHJPNR01 burns at 8x in the dw822A and it seems like good media especially for the price. good choice. Prodisc may be a 2nd choice or TY 4x+ (YUDEN000T01) you can get for 65 cents a disk (in the USA) and I think it burns at 8x too, but where your at it’s twice as much. I’d go with the RICOHJPNR01. It shows excellent burn scans. Just make sure you have the “I” version firmware flashed.

From another thread this 4x + media should burn at 8x in the DW822A.

MCC 002

Yep, RICOHJPNR01 media works great with BenQ DW822A, and is also pretty cheap (you can get Memorex 25pack media with RICOHJPNR01 code for little $$$).

try some Ritek R02, they burn at 4x and great scans
they work at 8x, but it varies in scans on my 800@822 (might be my burner)

In fact here’s a B3IC thread and it shows several scans with this firmwae. The first being the ricohjpnr01 burned at 8x. does the “jpn” part mean their made in Japan?

I’ve been using HP +R media that I get from located in the northern Toronto area. They’re selling in spools of 50 for $34.00 Cdn. at the following URL:

These 4X HP discs burn better at 8X in my BenQ 822 drive, than they did in my LiteOn at 4X. And they give near perfect KProbe scans when read back in my LiteOn drive. I burn all of them at 8X and I don’t get coasters. So far they’ve played in every drive that I’ve tried them in. Highly recommended.

the HPs should be either CMC or MCCs.

They are CMC MAG F01.

I know it’s not what You asked, but:

Philips DVD+RW 4x run quite decent on the 822A. PI-Average:8 Max:50
Media ID is “PHILIPS 041”.

DVD players are pickier about +rw right? and I wonder how much they can be rewritten to reliably?

I see where Amazon has 25 ridata 4x for $17.

>DVD players are pickier about +rw right?
Not really. as long as you mark them as DVD-ROM. I never had a problem with them.

>and I wonder how much they can be rewritten to reliably?
about 1000 times. I usually use them 10times or something.

But rw is not good for longterm archiving (10 years or something).

thanks for the info. I might buy some ridata then.

B3IC works great for me. Able to burn RICOHJPN01 (TDK, Sony) and CMCMAGF01 (TDK) +R 4x media at 8x. The burn times are faster and the Kprobe scans are better than my LiteOn 812s.

I also use RICOHJPNW11 (Silver Ritek and Matte/Frosted RiData) +RW 4x. Have written/rewritten a lot more than 10 times and they continue to work great until they get too scratched up.

The Silver Ritek are better quality than the Matte RiData. The deal at Amazon that Vanderlow referenced are the Matte RiData. I got the my Silver Ritek from

If anybody is interested, I can post my KProbe scans when I get home this evening.

Sure lets see a +rw scan. So you saing the silver finish ones have fewer errors? What’s odd is if it’s RiData is suppose to be the better quality of the two.

I bought one 25 cake box of each (silver and matte) without prior research other than knowing they were both RICOHJPNW11. In my opinion, the silver ones are better except for the fingerprint factor. Although the matte ones have higher error counts/avgs, they are well within acceptable range and work fine in my settop players.

Just found out I will be working late tonight. Will post scans ASAP.

According to the leading German computer magazine c’t, Maxell 002 discs are definately the number one choice. (see attachment)

But the following are also ok:

Sony 08D1 - Sony (just as good as the Maxell)
Plasmon1 C01 - 3A Media
Prodisc R03 - Prodisc
POMS3A - 3A Media
Ritek G05 - Ritek

hope this helps

Here are my +RW scans. Both were burnt at 4x using the 822a with B3IC firmware. 1st one is the Matte/Frosted, 2nd one is the Silver. This is also consistent with burns to the same media using my LiteOn 812S. IMHO, Silver is better.

For those of us NOT in Germany… :wink:

Other media burnt using 822a B3IC, (only scanned using my LiteOn).

  1. CMCMAGF01 +R 4x (burned at 8x)
  2. CMCMAGW01 +RW 2.4x - older disc with minor scratches on surface
  3. INFODISCA01 +RW 2.4x
  4. RICOHJPNR01 +R 4x (burned at 8x)
  5. RICOHJPNW01 +RW 2.4x - had some bad scratches near the outer edge

Obviously, YMMV.

Hi Lightning9,

Thanks for posting the scans.

Your CMC Mag F01 scan looks pretty much the same (excellent) as the ones that I get - also burned at 8X on my 822. The other ones are also nice, with PI max for all of them under 30.

It’s nice to see such great burn consistency across multiple different 822 drives and with different media (unlike what you get from most of the LiteOn drives). I really think that you need to have had a LiteOn drive prior to the BenQ 822 in order to properly appreciate just how good the 822 really is!

Here is the first burn of a philips+rw 4x burned @4x.

The second and later burns go to: PI-Average: 9 PI-Max: 40

Don’t care about the PO-Failures. Thats for sure a bug in CDSpeed.