Best 3500 FW for Verbatim 2.4 DL Media?

Title pretty much says it all but with Office Depot’s buy one get one sale on the Verbatim 2.4 dl media there will be many people wanting to know what is the best FW to use. I mean even thought they are buy one get one they still are exactly cheap and I for one don’t want to waste any :slight_smile:

Sooo if anyone knows which FW is best for it please post! :iagree:



Probably 2.1A (modded) - IMO


I also just got the verbatim DL +R today from office depot. I’ve been using 2.c8 since i got the drive. But for these DLs i reflashed to 2.TF. and burned as ISO with Decryptor at 2.4x. I don’t know if changing FW makes a difference as i didn’t burn one with 2.c8. I also switched from nero to decryptor, I read about nero discs may not play on all players.

The end result is excellent. I didn’t run error test but as usual i put it in my old samsung DVD-709 which has a weak laser and has problem reading even pressed but scratched dvds. This verbatim DL plays flawlessly, with no pausing, skipping, etc. The only other disc that plays so perfectly is RicohJpn01. Therefore I would rate this verbatim MKM 001 excellent media.

I just flashed one of my 3500’s to 2.TF myself and burned one with DVD Decrypter. Here is the result… I don’t how good it is for a DL disc becasue this is my first.


Well I just tried it in my Denon 2200 and it freezes after the first 3 sec of the first chapter? However if I FF a couple seconds it seems to play fine. Also all the menus seem to work fine as well.

I’ve used 2.TD to burn four and used 2.TF to burn one, all have been playable in my 3 standalones.

Got any scans?


I’ve burned 6 with 2.TF and they’ve played fine on one of my standalones, but not another.

I would think it’s more of an issue of age on some standalone dvd players. Some dvd players older than 2 or 3 years old will have trouble reading dl media because of layer break issues or just not having dvd-rom booktype (though dvd-r dl will be automatically booktyped to dvd-r). Most, if not all recent standalones will be able to read dl media just fine, that’s only if it supports the format.

Here is the 2.TD for KProbe, Disc Quality Scan, and Transfer Rate.

Here is the 2.TF for KProbe, Disc Quality Scan, and Transfer Rate.

The 2.TD was the 4th disc, the 3 previous looked the same, so I didn’t post them. It seemed like the transfer rate is better compared to 2.TF. But I may try a few more with 2.TF and see how that compares.

All were burned with VSO’s CopyToDVD, since I didn’t want to risk with Nero.

One of my standalones was manufactured in 3/97, and amazingly, it can read the +R9 booktyped to -ROM, yet it can’t read +R (as -ROM) or -R.

first two discs

Anyone know if there are any setting that need to be changed from the defaults in DVD Decrypter when burning with decrypter in ISO Write mode?

BTW those scans are interesting compared to my scan in that my scan has higer PIE’s on the first layer compared your scnas that have higher PIE’s in the second layer. hmmmmm


I did try an ISO burn with Decrypter, but it was a “backup test” of a navigation disc for a co-worker. The data all seemed fine, but the Nav player didn’t recognize it. The original was burned using PTP, whereas all (I believe) burners nowadays use OTP. So that might have been an issue too.

Anyway, make sure you check for -ROM setting in Decrpyter first before burning.

I did try a burn with my LG 4163B and the start of the second layer had some pauses depending on which standalone was playing it. But the first layer scans were all similar to each other, which leads me to believe it’s media dependent. For some reason, my BenQ 1620 reads the second layer with more errors, and it’s consistently across all discs too, whereas the LiteOn reads them fine.

Anyway, make sure you check for -ROM setting in Decrpyter first before burning.

I have always had my burners set to -ROM wherever possible.

It wouldnt be a Toshiba 3109 wouldnt it???
That’s the player I have, for some arcane reason it only recognizes certain burnt movies. I tried different media all booktyped to -ROM including TYs but again only certain movies are recognized. But it played the first DL backup I made with no problem… bizarre.

No, the one I’m talking about is the Sony DVPS7000. My Toshiba SD3800 and Denon DVD900 both play without any problems.