Best 3.5" enclosure under $30US?



I want to buy an external HD enclosure, and was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a good performer. Here is what I would like to have:

USB 2.0, and backward compatible with 1
Plug and Play
NOT a clear case

If anyone has suggestions on a model they like, and where the cheapest place to get them is, please let me know.



Not quite under $30 but this kind of has what you are looking for I think. Bytecc makes good products from what I’ve seen so far. My dad has his NEC ND3520 in one of their external enclosures and he has burnt up to 12x with it so far with no issues so you may want to check this out:


I think it’s a dream to have a case with both USB and Firewire under 30$. If I find one, I’ll definitely buy it.

If 30$ is your absolute limit, buying an USB only case is the realistic choice. Unless you’re in a specific situation to require both, for example a PC with USB only plus a Mac with Firewire only, it’s not such a big drawback, I think.


Looks good,

but I see that it is only for firewire – no USB 2.0.



I checked the complete listing of enclosures under the Bytecc name, and found that there are two USB 2.0 models for sale for $29.99. One of them is here:

BYTECC 5.25" USB 2.0 External Enclosure, Model “ME-320U2” -RETAIL


You can check out this enclosure from DealSonic -


Thanks all for you comments and links RickDriver, i ordered the one you posted, it looked like all i wanted plus, and was close enough to 30 bucks. I’ll let you know how it rates.

Thanks again all!



That case looks nice for Hard Drives, RickDriver. Also like the fact it’s a Prolific chipset so that should definitely work well. :bigsmile:



I have seen the Prolific chipset mentioned favorably before also.