Best 2D computer game ever

I just left a post about GTA not working and realised that i personally believe it to be the best 2D computer game ive ever seen or even herd of so i decided that this thread was in order! please leave your suggestions and why here

The original GTA was my choice because it was so phenominal at the time, it was controversial, the driving was great and it was the most addictive game ive ever played, hours dissapeared in seconds and whole days could be spent in front of the computer!!Its still addictive now!!!

No, the best 2D computer game is The Secret Of Monkey Island. :slight_smile:

Ahh sweet memories! loved that game (and the sequel) :bow: :bow:

I dunno … Monkey Island:Lechucks Revenge & Curse of monkey Island were damn good too.

And Sierra’s “Hero’s Quest” is definately a great contender … later revised & re-released as “Quest for Glory” but with all the jokes & entertainment value removed :frowning:
Ods Bodkins!