Best (2017-18) External BluRay Drive for MacBook Pro?

I’m in macbook pro high sierra,

I’m looking a good external blu ray drive to rip my blu ray movies and music cds, I don’t think need burn anything, is mostly for rip but well burn is welcome too.

I see Pioneer seems to be a top brand for drives on this days:

CD/DVD Drive Accuracy List 2016
anyone can identify this drive: Drive: PIONEER - BD-RW BDR-S08

some thoughts:

the BDR-XS06 is a very good looking drive but is a SLOT loading drive, don’t leave minimal marks on the CDs? I have fear that a slot drives leave marks on my discs, any minimal mark is not allowed to me, you know condition of the CDs matter more than any drive.

I’m thinking in buy some of this that open on the top of that way discs not stuck or leave minimal marks.

Actually I prefer like old loading drives BDR-2209 - 16x Internal BD/DVD/CD Burner. Supports BDXL™ media. Cyberlink® software included. SATA interface. but that thing needs an enclosure due that I’m o macbook pro and I don’t like enclosures, I prefer a ONE unit from fabric.

any help, give options please.