Best 2 drive reader/writer combo for mostly audio cds?

Hey guys,

I’ve been a member a while now, but am finally building a new system with an SATA motherboard (didn’t want to upgrade on IDE). I’m looking for a pair of SATA drives with the primary purpose being re-copying my audio cd collection, as I don’t like to use the originals. I’d also like to print on some and lightscribe others, so I’d like at least one of the two to have lightscribe, and the writer to burn well on a good brand of printable cds, and a decent brand of lightscribe cds.

Speed isn’t really an issue. I’d like it to work well on 8x, but 4x would be acceptable if it meant pretty much perfect copies that will be read on all my cd players. It also doesn’t have to be two separate drives, but based on what I’ve read here the best writer is almost never the best reader.

I’ll also use one of them for making occasional data dvd backups of some critical files, but I backup on external hard drives as well, so it’s only a couple dvds every month or so. If one of them was fairly quiet at accessing dvds for everyday movie and game use, that would also be a plus, but being used to my old jet-engine Lite-On cd drive, this would have to come without any sacrifice to my primary task. Alternately, you could recommend a third drive that’s really quiet for everyday use, since the case I’m looking at has 3 slots.

Any opinions or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Perhaps reviewing the information contained in the below referenced Web Page will be helpful to you in selecting an Optical Drive that meets your needs ->