Best 19' Lcd Monitor

I highly recommend for anyone looking for that ultimate 19’ lcd monitor for graphics, gaming, watching dvd’s to not look any furthur, stop and do yourselves a favor and buy the NEC MultiSync 90 GX2. I can’t start to decribe how good this monitor is. I used to have a Sony 19’ trinitron flat crt monitor and the NEC blows it out of the water in every aspect. It took me a long time to make the switch cuz I used to love my Sony and thought lcd monitors couldn’t compete with crt’s.

The Nec truly convinces the most skeptical.

Good news: Locally, some 20-inch LCD monitors costs a little under US$300 in Seoul. Optimized for 1600*1200 resolution. Released in 2005, soon to be replaced with “wide” 20- to 22-inch ones.

Bad news: 1280*1024 19-inch LCD monitors have much fewer pixels for display but they cost nearly as much.

what’s the point buying a $300 20’ lcd monitor if its peformance is like crap. Seein is believeing, check out the NEC 90GX2 for yourself and then your’ll understand why is a high peformance lcd monitor is all about.

I have been pretty sceptical about getting an lcd monitor but it seems crt monitors are getting hard to even find (locally anyway). Are there still issues with lcd monitors getting blown pixels? Thats my main concern as it use to be a pretty bad problem.

I bought a Samsung SyncMaster 19" 930BF a couple of months ago and couldn’t be happier, 4ms response time helps and no ghosting whatsoever when gaming. I did however have them do a dead Pixel check before I bought it and most warranties have a limit of 7 dead pixels I believe although 1 dead pixel is too many for me!:wink:

How do you do a dead pixel check, just hook it up to a computer and see if there are any visable dead pixels? I know what you mean about 1 being too many, especially if you get a bright white one right in the center of the screen or something. If they would cover it under waranty that would be one thing, but if warrantys are still only offering repair if it has quite a few dead pixels, then that shows me they don’t have a lot of confidence in their products, so why should I? If dead pixels were rare, they could afford to cover them under waranty. Since they don’t, I’m guessing that it is still a very common problem. I think I might look a little harder for a crt monitor.


Having had four lcd monitors on both my systems for the past four years - I can honestly say that the lcd’s are superior to crt’s in many ways - first is the way they treat your eyes - the lcd ‘paints’ the picture on the screen and the crt ‘flashes’ the picture to the screen - which makes it harder on your eyes (is exactly why I gave my 17 inch to my grand daughter - for her eyes) - the lcd runs alot cooler than the crt and uses far less energy whilst weighing far less-

All in all - the lcd’s are superior IMO-

Look for high contrast ratio and brightness - and fast speed if you are into gaming-

(btw - have never had a dead pixel)


Pretty much…There is a small program you can run that will display different solid colors one at a time, so you can see if there are any dead pixels.

Here is a test you can run on your own but the store you are buying it from should run one for you if you ask. Not sure how the warranty works with mine but I believe if it’s 7 or over they replace the Monitor. But don’t quote me on that!!:bigsmile:

Dead Pixel Test

I wpuld say the Samsung Syncmaster series is great because of the low response time (8ms & 12ms in some models) and followed by Dell UltraSharp series (superbright and ultra wide viewing angle)

Nobody who’s got one of those 20-inch monitors said crap. Satisfaction rate is very high. Response times, viewing angles, and other factors are mostly subjectively compared, but you can’t cheat about how many pixels there are.

At any rate, the trend is to discontinue or at least put less importance on 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, and 14 inch models and produce more 20, 21, 22, 23, 24… and larger models. That’s the only reason why a 20-inch 1,6001,200 LCD monitor costs just about 10-20% more than a 19-inch 1,2801,024 LCD monitor. Not because one’s crap while the other’s high performance.

About monitors remember that HDDV will require more than just DVI, so in a short time most of the present models risk to become obsolete, no matter how good they can be…just because winVista and the new drives will require control facilities (HDMI connector and HDCP) if you want to enjoy High Definition, otherwise will return you a lower quality image.
On the present models, you may look at your needs - not just the prices or sizes.
Games, films, graphics, photo - there is not an universal “best off”, even with present short reaction times. Look at notebooks screens, just a year ago you moved and colour would go, now you can move around and see the almost same. For desktops this is also important, as it is the capability to regulate the screen, or even to calibrate it for critical colour work.
Addind up - the best one it the one that represents the best fit for your own needs at the lower cost… not a big help? Sorry but this is the way it works, and you have to test it if possible by yourself, because even from the same manufacturer not all screens are the same sometimes.
Myself I got a ViewSonic 930p …its good besides for colour work I would like I could get a LaCie 300’s series, but it would cost twice as much.

My 20" Dell UltraSharp has ket me very happy with it’s performance, even with games, bte it has only 16ms response.

Had to sell my LG Flatron L2320T for about US$800 (which I bought for about US$950 in early July 2005) two months ago. Now back to 14 inch LCD. 1024*768. I also have some 19, 18, 20… but 14 inch is better for most tasks because it uses much less electricity. What I want is not HDMI or “wide” ratio but half less energy consumption.

Good Monitor crossg. I have realy enjoyed mine. I went from a 22in. CRT to it and wow my old eyes feel so much better after a long session