Best 16x fullface printable media for NEC?



Hey all

Currently have a NEC 2550A, but gonna upgrade to a 4550 soon.
I would like to know which DVR-R 16X full face printable media is the best for this NEC dvd burner?

My options so far are:
Verbatim 16x DVD-R Photo Printable (Media Code = MCC 03RG20)
DVD-R 4,7 GB Memorex 16x Speed fullprintable (Mediacode: CMC MAG AM3)
DVD+R 4,7 GB Memorex 16x Speed fullprintable(Mediacode: CMC MAG M01)
DVD-R 4,7 GB Philips 16x Speed (Mediacode: RITEKF1)
DVD-R 4,7 GB Rivision White 16x Speed fullprintable (Mediacode: TTH02)

Mediacode TTH02 + CMC MAG AM3 seem to have gotten the best user reviews…

What do you “experts” think? :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum [B]-.-PhanTom-.-[/B] :slight_smile:

Personally I would avoid [I]Rivision[/I] like the plague. El-cheapo media with no guarantee of quality whatsoever, you can end with discs of any grade, from OK to awful, even in the same batch. :Z

I don’t like Memorex generally, but the CMC Memorex can be totally OK in NEC drives. Actually most CMC discs give rather good results in NECs, assuming you kept the firmware of your rather old burner up to date. But [I]do not[/I] expect good results from CMC in just any burner. You an end up with coasters in several Pioneer drives, for example.

The “safest” choice here is of course the Verbatims, but in a 2500 and/or 4550 I’m not 100% sure they will have a clear edge over the CMC MAG M01.

Happy burning :slight_smile:


My NEC 3520 just loved CMC M01, burned at 12x it was near perfect. I’ve not had the chance to try it on the 4550, but I’ll bet the results will be similar at 12x.

The photo printable Verbatim is highly regarded for print quality, but may be a bit too pricey for some folks. For best quality vs price, I think the Memorex +R would be a good choice, but don’t be surprised if you get Ricoh JPNR03, which should also do well at 12x.


Thank you both for your input :slight_smile:

Found two more contenders…:
Premium DVD+R 16xspeed (media code: SONY D21) or (media code: MCC003RG20) …

Regarding firmware… which modded firmware to go for…a few “manufatcurers” out there… like libby etc…?


Given a 4550 burner, there’s no reason to use any modded firmware unless you need it RPC region free.


Or unless you need to have DVD-ROM BookType bitsetting for DVD+R media, which is not available in stock NEC firmware, but is available with modified firmware.