Best 16X capable media?



New types of 16X media are hitting the market all the time now.
Here I am focusing on current available media that is able to be burned at 16X.
We also have some 8X media that is able to be burned at 16X.
What media works best at 16X for you?

Of course we must keep in mind that some types of media in this poll will suffer from less votes due to low availability at the current time.
Also consider that there must be some other 16X media types that I have forgotten to include or purposefully omitted from this poll.


MCC004. Works best in my 712a and 1620a. Lowest PIE.

Not in the list: RICOHJPNR02.

Other than MCC004 and R02, from the list I have only TY T02 and Sony08D1.


RICOHJPNR02 added :wink:


MXL RG03 listed @ 16x in stock MD 2.FA


Philips.c16 revision 000 (made by daxon). That is my favourite!

Unfortunately most philips.C16 is revision 001 - which is made by CMC.

Next will be MCC 004 - mine are made in Singapore.


there r made in Taiwan MCC004 also


Of course :slight_smile:
We’ll just leave one option in the poll for both types :wink:


Here are some more media codes for 16X DVD+R:


It may be good to list RICOHJPNR02 and YUDEN000T02 as 8X rated, as the other media codes represent 16X rated media.


How many items can a poll holds? What if in 2005 or so we see 40 different 16x media? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes I am very well aware of most of those media types.
The point of the poll is to list any type of media which can be burned at 16X and can be found right now.
I’ll start a newer version when more 16X media is available. :slight_smile:

A poll holds 20 items maximum.
I hope we’ll see more than 40 types of 16X media. :cool:


TDK-002 and TDK-003 then too.


Ok fine! :stuck_out_tongue:


MCC004 are my current favs
YUDEN000T02 comes close (Fuji Germany)
Ricoh JPNR02 burns well on Benq and on NEC with modified firmware
Philips C16 (daxon)


Please Add TYG02
HERE’S the result of a 16X burn on my BenQ :iagree:


It was 10 items when CDFreaks was using vBulletin 2.x version but now it’s 20. (I know it because I used to create so many polls.) :slight_smile: