Best 1650 settings for TTH02?

I have a lot of TTH02 media, and I just got a BenQ 1650 (BCDC). After running a few scans of burnt media, I thought the results were mediocre.

Are there any firmware or settings recommendations for this media?

I just tried one with SolidBurn On for known media, and it seemed to improve the burn quality slightly. I used to get PIF’s up to 12-13 on scans with it off:

Your scan isn’t so bad. Of course, PI and PIF number is a bit high.
However, TTH02 is a problematic disc. Also others burners have problems with it. :slight_smile:


Mine (TDK branded) look similar. And they are not better with my other drives.
Try them at 8x. Seems, as if they are much better at that speed.


That was at 8x, I’ve been burning everything at 8x (even though 12 and 16x are supported, my only 12x had PO errors, and the 16x doesn’t seem to be much faster than 8x anyway)

My 16x burns are often taking 6:30sec+ the buffer doesn’t seem to fill up and remain stable enough to make it to full 16x for the whole disc

TDK TTH02, written @8x
SB on/on, FW BCDC:

Two nice burns there. Did you have WOPC on/off?

I’m leaving SB on for mine, I do seem to get slightly better results, but not as good as those two

As long as the discs are easily read, and don’t degrade too much (which is something I will have to check with time I guess), I’ll be happy


This is only one burn, but scanned with different drives.
Qsuite settings are WOPC on, SB both on, OS off.

I realized, that there are different manufacturers for TDK branded TTH02. I have a second spindle of that media, that looks as they are by CMC, but I have not used them up to now.


Do you know if there’s an easy way to tell whether I’ve got CMC media or something else? Shape of the cake box maybe?


I don’t have it handy, but have a look in the “blank media” section. There are some discussions regarding Verbatim DVD-media (They also have different manufacturers for their own MID) also giving some hints how to see from the spindle if the discs are made by CMC, Prodisc or MBI.
The bad with TDK is, that they do not have a “Made in …” on their packages they sell here in Germany. That might be different in other countries.


Look here: