Best 12x burn ive gotten!

and the winner so far is my lg4120b running noad fw…took about 6:55 to burn.

12x burn TY02

me like… :iagree:

Makes the LiteOn look pretty sad. :sad:

somehow i think they will get it…i think thier drive is good just need someone to write some decent firmware! :a

write graph of above burn…yes its pretty!

but a bit of a warning with the lg drive it still uses DMA2 mode (dma 33) so you really need fast drives and a good bus to write at 12x…personally my p4 cant handle the bandwith (of course my athlon 3200 could but the device bufffer still went to 94 percent so any faster and i think even that would have issues). moral of the story is like liteon did and i think benq is to start using dma 4 dvd drives like the liteon 1213 this drive has no issues writing at 12x and higher on my p4 (even on my external firewire with my laptop!) becuase it uses a dma 4 buffer thats twice the bandwith…you hearing me LG??

I made a DVD-Video disc.

LG GSA-4120B N0AD, unmodified
Fusion 4x DVD+R, T02 code
Nero Burning Rom v6.3.1.17

Scanned by KProbe v2.2.3 and Lite-On 851S firmware-modifed to 832S VS0A Stock connected through USB 2.0

Scanned by KProbe v2.2.3 and another DVD writer

if you right click on the top graph ken and remove highest point (looks like some known spti false spikes) then your scans will probably be pretty close. also id trust the 832 more than your other writer for a accurate scan :wink:

So what does it look like when you burn it on the 1613s?

So wait whats the deal with hard drives not being able to keep up?

I have a WD 80GB 7200RPM with 8MB cache…it’s an ATA100 using IDE not SATA. I have read discs at 22MBPS with my DVDrom. I wouldnt have any probs writing at that speed would I?

Educate me on how this stuff works. Why can’t your P4 handle it?

BTW I have an AMD2600 barton 512MB 333, Asus A7N8X- deluxe

Sometimes I wish they were all real 832S and real 811S. :wink:

I don’t have one. :slight_smile:

Symantics! OK how about the 16x3s then? :slight_smile:

you may not have issues with you amd barton and they have very fast bus speeds generally! but remember that the lg drive is runing udma 2 (33) while your hard drive is running at ATA100…try setting your harddrive to a uma2 device and i dont think youll quite get 22mps out of it. But, its not the harddrive thats the bottle neck its the transfer bandwith. at faster writing speeds this flow needs to be consistent…around 16mbps for 12x and 24mbps for 16x. now the liteon using a udma 66 mode has a faster throughput hence you dont need as much the fast bus as the data can be sent in bigger blocks.

whats a 16x3?? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the drive that rdgrimes “scratched” out of his kprobe scan
and Kenshin “scratched” out of his kprobe scan.

Amatuers! :smiley:

Speaking of best 12x burns. Here’s mine.
Prodisc R03
burned on Plextor 712A @ 12x
scanned on 812s fw US0N

I think the answer you are looking for is that with “any” of the 3-series drives that we know of, 12x burning is very unreliable so far. Strat swapping has been helpfull. But these drives are doing something very different with burn strats, and will shift to a different strat as soon as they hit 12x. This makes finding a strat that works at 12x AND at 8x/6x very tricky, if not impossible. It will take a lot more experience, and hopefully some better firmware. My fear is that the 1213 will immediately become an orphan when the 1633 is released, and development of the CLV strats will cease. This may not be a bad thing, as the PCAV/CAV strats might well be better anyway, and flashing from the 1213 to a 1633 will be a snap. :wink:
But for right now, the 3-series drive is functionally an 8x burner with current media.

:bow: Right now I think your drive is the winner! Man, complete DVD in 6:18
Lite-On, LG, NEC, BenQ and others have a lot more to learn, as I can see it…

@Jamos, why does Lite-On need ATA-66 interface, when Plextor is doing the same job better with ATA-33!
BTW, I dont think you need to have a P4-3.0 or equal AMD to burn DVDs @12 or 16X. (Plextor only specifies PIII-700 or higher).
In my opinion it´s more important with big (8MB) DVDRW databuffer… My 50 oere.

speed isnt everything. and no dual layer and no bitsetting is why i didnt buy a plextor. plus my graph is prettier :stuck_out_tongue: but i do like cav mode that plex is using!

also yes using a 8 meg. buffer is another way to get better bus speeds but i think even with a bigger bus size it would quickly evaporate if you didnt have a fast enough data stream to feed it…and really you cant be serious about min. settings are you??? youd be lucky to burn at 8x with a p3 700 or you could do like code does and run your os in safe mode with nothing running…hehee :eek: .

as far as sustained writing speeds i dont care how they do it bigger buffer or better udma interface the important thing is that you can burn at 12x or 16x.

Code is burning at 12x on a PII 450, and may soon be burning at 16x with a PCI card on that system.
You don’t need ATA66 to burn at 16x, but it sure helps as far as HD’s are concerned. Burning at 16x on such a system will not allow any other activity during the burn.
At 16x burn speed, the difference between a 2MB buffer and 8MB is a blink of an eye, and not at all significant.