Best 1 touch backup external hard drives

what are the Best 1 touch backup external hard drives. where to buy from?

I don’t know if this is the best, but I like them, Western Digital Media Center drives. You can get them with a media card reader or without. I have both kinds. They look nice too, IMHO. What is cool is you can set one on top of the other as long as it does not have the card reader. Just put the card reader one on top.

I have 2-250GB that look like the 320gb one here and the one with the reader is 320GB. They have other sizes though.

Both types offer Retrospect Lite and for backup you can have it done automatically whenever you want. Or, you can simply push the button on the drive and it backs up your files immediately. Not to mention, each drive has a USB 2.0 port on the front, in case you have a flash drive you want to back up! Or maybe this is an easy way to transfer things back and forth from cameras or PMPs.

The card reader drive shows up in Explorer as a 5-1 drive and has only 1 drive letter which I like.

I’ve had mine for several months with no problems at all. They are very quiet too. Search around on Pricegrabber etc., for the best price. :slight_smile:

Can anyone who has expereince with Maxtor one touch drives tell me how good or otherwise they are?

They work well enough for us for doing weekly backups. We turn on the drives only when doing the backups, and the included Retrospect software works well; this is 2-3 year old versions of the software, so it might have changed since then.

I would not hesitate to buy a Maxtor OneTouch drive again. :slight_smile:

Perhaps it will be called Seagate OneTouch now that Seagate has bought Maxtor?