Best 1:1 dvd copy with a twist?

Ok so let me explain with a little information. I recently bought a plextor 740 and a buncha verbatim dvd+r dl. So of the first 10 copies i made, the first 7 were fine. The 8th burned but is not recognizable by either my stand alone dvd player, ps2, or all 3 of my dvd drives. The 9th burned 1/2 way and stopped. The 10th stopped at the lead in. So i opened another 10 pack and the first one again stopped after 1/2 way. the 12th one burned fine after restart. So did i just get a bad batch? I am using dvd decrypter (the latest one i forgot which version) to read iso and write mds. Is there a better way to make 1:1 copies? Is there something going on? is this common? Also is there another way to check how “good” a burn is made? Thanks everybody i used to post here about 2-3 years ago or so but forgot my username/email lol and have recently gotten into dvd burning.

Hi Silver5656,

Are any of your other three drives able to do PIE/PIF scanning? If so, what do the scans look like? Maybe the first 7 were marginally good and the others were over the edge into coaster territory. It is possible that you could have gotten a bad batch, but considering how expensive those discs are, you’d think Verbatim would take extra care in the manufacturing. That said, it does seem from the other forums that Verbatim DL discs are the best available.

Using DVDDecrypter to burn should be just fine.

I don’t think it’s “common” for a PX-740 to fail so often on Verbatim DL discs. For checking the quality, the PIE/PIF scans I mentioned above are described in the FAQ here:

But you should know the 740 is not capable (without reflashing the firmware to a different drive) of performing these kinds of scans. What make(s) are your other DVD drives?

Sorry to be so late getting back to you…

thanks ftp1020…my other drives are a teac (which for some reason seems to be dying), and a nec 3100 dvd burner…how do i do scans on these drives? does q-suite do it?

I’m not sure if the TEAC will scan (I think some do), but the NEC 3100 definitely does not do scanning.

Here’s the dilemma - you could flash your PX-740 and turn it into a BenQ DW1640 (at least as far as the firmware is concerned) and then it would be able to scan using Nero CD-DVDSpeed (under the Disc Quality tab, not the Scan Disc tab). But the catch is that that would most definitely violate your warranty. And if the drive is defective and you want to return it, there’s a possibility Plextor could tell you’d flashed it with unsupported firmware.

About the only tests you can do is the Read Transfer Rate in CD-DVDSpeed by pressing F2 (Transfer Rate test) with one of those DL discs that are no good already inserted. You might also select the Scan Disc tab and run the surface scan read test (C1-C2/PI-PO test won’t work on a PX-740).

The results, however, will only show you if the 740 has trouble reading the discs. Even if it doesn’t, that doesn’t help you much with your other drives or the standalone player. The fact that you had other troubles during burning, like failing right after writing the lead-in doesn’t bode all that well.

One of the advantages of buying Plextor, however, is the excellent warranty and RMA service. If you contact them and describe your problems with Verbatim DL media (which is definitely on Plextor’s list of recommend media) they will probably issue you an RMA immediately. If you’re in the EU, they’ll pay shipping in both directions. If outside the EU, they’ll pay to ship a replacement unit to you.

The Plextor PX-740 is really a BenQ DW1640 drive with Plextor firmware and a Plextor faceplate. However, the DW1640 is one of the best DL writers out there, so you should NOT be having problems with highest-quality Verbatim DL media.

Please let us know what you decide, and how it all turns out.

are there any other benefits to flashing it to a true benq? lol and all this time when i bought the plextor i thot “eh its only 10 bux more than the benq” fully knowing its the same. I didnt think it would come to bite me in the butt.

Well, I bought a BenQ 1640 just so I could play with their firmware toys like MCSE strat swaps, SolidBurn, OverSpeed, and the ability to flash to SONY, Philips, BenQ, and Plextor firmwares. AFAIK, the latest firmware update from Plextor for the 740 is almost (but not quite) identical to BenQ’s latest (BSOB) firmware.

Your call; personally, I’d RMA this one and make sure the replacement works well. Then I would flash it to 1640 firmware. :slight_smile:

lol damn ftp1020 u got all the answers, huh? well anyways i talked to my cousin (who also has the same drive) and he says that it might be the drive getting too hot since his did almost the exact same thing. He burned 5 in a row and the 5th one failed. So he says he lets the drive cool down after reading/burning and he hasnt had a single failed one. so imma try that first. also i noticed that when burning my plextor makes small tiny almost unnoticible clicking noises? not in a bad way like somethings broken but just faint clicking noises. does ures do that as well? and thanks again for ure input.

Whatever I know, I learned here…

The only noise I’ve noticed from my 1640 is a very quiet whirring when the drive spins up to max read speed, and even then it’s brief. The clicking you hear is probably from the plastic gears on the laser sled stepping motor. If the sled is loosely positioned on the rails it could make a noise and it could be the reason you get bad burns. “Could” … no way to really tell, though.

Heat might indeed be an issue. If your 740’s outer housing is the same as my 1640 (should be) there’s two air vents on either side of the unit that act as heat “chimneys”. If the 5¼" drive bays in your case don’t have matching holes, the chimneys could be blocked causing excessive heat buildup. I have noticed that I get lower quality burns on hot & humid days…

yea my drives “chimneys” are blocked by my case…and i notice after reading/burning a dvd the disc comes out warm to the touch (none of my other drives do this). I figure i’ll deal with the clicking until something happens. thanks again

bleh bleh…so heres another update
i burned 5 more dvd’s and all the burns went fine (or so i thot)
the next 3 also burned however i noticed that instead of the normal 8x it burned at 4x
so i checked these in all my dvd players and they didnt work.
i later also found out that 1 of the previous 5 did not burn as well. I think it might be a bad drive. Which sucks since its only like a month old and i’ve only burned maybe 15 disks total. Time to RMA to plextor.

im friggen pissed this dumb drive has cost me almost 40 bux in blank coasters, almost the price i payed for the dumb drive. Oh and i only assume its a hardware failure because 1. my computer is new, just reformatted it (heck not even connected to the internet im posting via laptop) and 2. the clicking noise is getting louder and louder (or it might just me getting more and more annoyed at the fact that its working worse and worse)

lol ok now the drive will not recognize any blank d/l disks

RMA it for sure…

Just out of curiosity, how did your 740 do with single-layer media, and which media?
I’ve never actually tried DL media mostly because of the price but also because I don’t have a particular need for it.

it burned sl media flawless (or so i think). I use mostly ridata 8x -r and it works perfectly (burns very quick). My friend even came over and he used cheap media (forgot which brand) and that worked. Even my gq cd’s read fine in my picky car cd player =)

oh and i did request an rma but had to pay shipping to plextor