Besides computers, do you have another hobby?

I was wondering if we have some world champions riding a bike in reverse or any other sport here? And while we’re at it, there are of course also other hobbies, knitting, cut wood or beer drinking contents.

What’s your hobby you’ve hidden to us untill now?

Hacking cell phones and drinking beer is my other hobby, ahhahaha…Love tha beer… :iagree: phones too i guess… :smiley:

Tweaking home sound system, car, and wife. :stuck_out_tongue:


Being a “Mad Squirell” - home entertainment center - movies - cleaning up spills and some purian stuff-


gaming, watching movies, going out to dinner, drink

yep :);):stuck_out_tongue:

Trapshooting. :cool:

Cycling since last Monday around 290 Kilometers.

lets see…i held national powerlifting titles.for a few years…now i’ve slowed down and tried to learn to play the mandolin…and I am seriously considering a Specialized bike…saw one at the store today…1,200 bucks…but it was sooooo awesome…carbon fiber…whoot!! and CHROME>>>>>OH yeah…but i’ll just hope and pray this want…passes soon.cause thats some mad money for 2 wheels…and NO motor…

My Girlfriend :bigsmile:

Those two minutes every night don’t count as a hobby :wink:

I used to run the 400M at club level. I still run, but not competitively any more.
I still spend a lot of time playing guitar, i also enjoy reading and dancing.

I’m practicing a Korean martial art named Hap Ki Do. Have been doing it for quite some time now. Started teaching it a few years ago also.
Furthermore, I started taking lessons in Salsa dancing. Recently came to a point in my learning curve where my arms no longer get tied up in a knot, hehe :bigsmile:
Other activities are computer- and/or science-related.


photography, mountain biking, golf and traveling…oh yeah, and getting wasted…


Of course … does rolling around in haystacks count? :slight_smile:

Nothing like a good roll in the grass … I blame it on being born in the year of the Horse.

Im lucky if its EVERY WEEK not every night lol…

My other hobby is my car… a Toyota Supra 3.0 Twin Turbo with after kit to push 500bhp :slight_smile: I am currently working on new software so that my shuttle PC can record info from the ECU and also play my MP3s through it :slight_smile:

Minutes … Strokes perhaps :stuck_out_tongue:

Photography, cooking, Portuguese, cycling, fishing, bowling (26 years).

Running “long” distances, fitness, reading (books), going out to dinner, Star Trek (just started, but addicted already), watching movies, drink, women