Bertuzzi incident prompts police inquiry

Wow, that was a cheap shot (watch the video on the right hand side).

Well I suppose that’s what happens when you take out the league’s #1 player (Naslund).
Street justice.

Gawd I love the NHL.

Ouch thats nasty.

That was just not needed. No one deserves that ssseth. Probably because you mostly played pickup games that you have the opinion of “street justice”. As a player, knowing that there is someone willing to do that to you is one of the reasons why you doubt the shape of the sport. I had a guy always go after me when I played high school even when I didnt have the puck. Everytime I came out there, he was sent in to either slash me, cross-check me, or sucker punch me when the ref wasnt looking. So not only did I have to contend with the puck and the play, but I had to always keep my eye out for that fat fuck all the freaking time. It just wasnt fun.

I think Bertuzzi should be benched for atleast 20 games. That kind of shit has no place in hockey. If the NHL wants people to see it as a sport thats fun and exciting, they should send a strong message that such almost criminal like behavior is not tolerated.

agreed. that was a dipshit play from someone designated an all star. he’s lucky 20 games is all he received.

How long is 20 games? (NHL n00b)
I’d give him a year atleast!

The season is 82 games. So that’s about 25% of the year.

Think back to the days when the benches would clear, now that was some violent hockey. The league has restricted fighting so much that stupid stuff like this happens from time to time. I don’t agree with what he did and I’m sure he didn’t mean to hurt him that bad. I think he should be suspended for a whole 82 games as well, he probably would be if he wasn’t such a big star.
I can see why it happened though.