Bertelsmann to buy Napster for a song

I just posted the article Bertelsmann to buy Napster for a song.

While a lot of people left Napster, they seem now to be coming back. Recently we reported that Napster’s CEO was leaving the companie, but now Cnet reports that he has agreed to come back.


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Instead of paying $8 mill. to clear napster and then start it up again etc. why not just start a new company and do it all from fresh? makes no sense to me.

It makes perfect sense. How many people know napster and how many people connect it to music. If you want to launch a marketing campagne to reach the same result that napster has reached, you will spend a lot more than 8 million. There are also arguments against buying though.

Why buy it when you can download it for free:4

They want Napster cause all of the average Joes out there STILL have Napster on their computers. Upon aquiring Napster, Bertelsmann has a huge number of users to try to ploy into subscribing to the new Napster pay service. I bet it will work a lot better than those (insert cuss words here) RIAA music services.