Bertelsmann out to buy Napster



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Bertelsmann, also known as BMG has announced it’s planning to buy all shares of the once populair songsharing network Napster. The company already bought a large part of the company, but is now…

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KaZaA is still alive simply because it is not as popular as Napster was among the masses. Napster was absolutely too main stream and so the RIAA had to shut it down and make an example out of Napster. If eDonkey2000, KaZaA, or whatever becomes too main stream, they will get shut down, regardless if they are legit or not. This is also the case with burners, when they were still ‘underground’ years and years ago, we did not have all of these special taxes and shit on burners and media, ultra protected data cds and now protected audio cds :r, but since burners are main stream now, they are being smacked down hard. What does this mean as far as Napster now, I have no idea. Bertelsmann might try to use the Napster name to appeal to the masses in a new subscription based service or just are buying Napster up to rid of it permanently. Personally, I was not a huge fan of Napster simply because you had average Joe sharing a MP3 of something made with AudioCatalyst that sounded like shit - no average Joe is going to use LAME so all you had was a lot of junk MP3s on a file sharing service. If only everyone would use LAME for their MP3 collections…:wink:


Napster will become just like PressPlay and such. They’ll allow it because they aren’t threantened by it. BMG will make sure Napster is no threat to anything but fair use.


I downloaded LAME once and made an MP3 with it. I liked it so much, that instead of downloading a front-end, I made my own GUI front end. Is that strange? As for napster. I’m glad it’s out of the picture because everytime a file-sharing program dies we get to pick between 3 others the next day.


hmmm…intresting point. and if Kazaa will get 2 populal will the police come to our house and arrest us ?(don`t forget Kazaa is outside the US):stuck_out_tongue: Where can U download LAME?


Divide, Conquer and Destroy… all in a day of business.


you can get the lame executable from. /mp3/ But I think it’s illegial or something so it’s like at your own risk because of patents and things. But it’s a DOS command line program. It’s not a windows program so there’s no GUI. However, the sound quality is really good. If you need a Windows program, you can go to a search engine and type LAME front-end. A lot of people have created Windows programs that will allow you to create MP3s with LAME in windows.


Also, just in case. LAME isn’t a ripper. It won’t take songs off a CD. You have to already have the WAV on your HD. However, rippers are easy to find.