Bertelsmann confirms 3Q net loss of 384 million EURO

I just posted the article Bertelsmann confirms 3Q net loss of 384 million EURO.

Yesterday we reported that BMG (Bertelsmann Media Group) is planning to copy protect every CD they sell. Today the company has announced it has a lost 384 million EUROs. Of course these two…

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You could sit down with BMG and explain to them that they are throwing good money towards bad ideas like copy protection while they should be spending their money in figuring ways to lure customers to the legal aspects of d/l CD’s. You could demonstrate to them in PERSON that take any of their “so called CD’s that have the NEWEST PROTECTION” crack it in an hour or so and by noon have an unprotected CD on p2p networks and they would still continue to produce copy protected CD’s. This is known as “The Law Of Constant Stupidity” so you are absolutely right that they will continue to show sharp decreases in revenue and one doesn’t have to have an MBA to figure that one out.

Agreed. I mean where do they get these numbers anyway? Lets see, 50 million people age 16 times 5 cd’s they could have purchased equals a loss of 15 billion Euros due to illegal copies times everyone born after the year 1905 and so on and so on… What bullshit. Are they trying to get the sympthy vote?

Is it refreshing to know that german corporations can manipulate the same nebulous figures that all else do ???..I guess it just really means that greed has no boundaries,colour or creed… All we need now is for a german “hillary” to pop outta the woodwork… Shit…thats a scarey thought…:7

Time to sack some of those overpaid leachy hangers on guys, get rid of those waste of space marketeers and PR people. Lets face it they’re full of shit and spread lies and crap by manipulating a gulible and easily manipulated media.