Berst GIGA-REC capable drive?



Interested in this underrated feature!
Thanks in advance!

P.S.:The dvd burn feature is not needed.


Not many drives support GigaRec. Your best bet would be either getting a Plextor Premium or Premium 2 (CD-RW writers), or a Plextor 712/716/755/760 (DVD multi writers). They’re all good, but probably the only option is getting a pre-owned device from eBay as these models all have been discontinued years ago.


[QUOTE=kg_evilboy;2627584]Plextor 712/716/755/760 (DVD multi writers).[/QUOTE]
What’s the best between the 4 burners?How do they compare in therms of features?Are They good scanners?
Thanks for your time


712: 12x DVD+R, 8x DVD-R, 48x CD-R writing.
716: 16x DVD±R, 48x CD-R writing.
755: 16x DVD±R, 48x CD-R writing.
760: 18x DVD±R, 48x CD-R writing.

All of these are capable of quality scanning with PlexTools. I personally prefer 712 and 716 because Plextor messed up the 755 and 760, the DVD burn quality is not as good (PIF spikes at recalibration points). I own four 716 myself and the postman is going to bring me a 712 and 708A2 today.

(Avoid Plextor 740, 750 as these are not “premium line” designs and won’t feature GigaRec; also avoid 708A/708UF, but 708A[B]2[/B]/708UF[B]2[/B] however is OK.)