Heeft er iemand zich al geregistreed bij BePaid ( Zoja, wie heeft de software ervan al ontvangen? Ik heb me 3 weken terug ingeschreven. Toen werd gezegd dat vanaf 15-5 de software verspreidt zou worden per mail maar ik heb nog nix gezien! Ligt dit aan mij of is het gewoon een oplichterij??


Ikke ook…nog steeds niets vernomen.

Ik geloof niet dat het nep is maar het duurt wel een beetje lang.


Kan zijn, da’s meestal met die beginnende Paid For Surf bedrijfjes. Ik zou jullie aanraden wat meer op IRC kanalen te gaan zoeken en daar eens rondhoren naar de stand van zaken.
EFNET -> #Trix
En wie hier nie aan uit kan heeft dus pech

18 mei ofzo kreeg ik een mailtje…
dat je weer een mailtje kreeg na 3 a 4 weken waar je het kon downloaden

Zouden ze misschien een dochteronderneming van Superweb zijn?? :slight_smile:


??? gebruik toch emus

de software is uit voor US mensen al dus kan je emu gebruiken hierzo

Bierspier, trix rullees

hun AA gen al getest?

ik heb me ook 2 weken geleden aangemeld en ook nog steeds nix van ze gehoord :frowning:



Please read through this e mail and if it does not contain your answer then
please e mail us again and we will be happy to answer you with a personal

When will we get the AdVision Control?

We will start distributing the software this week. Since we have many users
it will probably take around 3-4 weeks before everybody will have got the
software. You will be notified by e mail when it is your turn to download
the AdVision Control software. The first ones who registered will be the
first ones to get it.

If you have an ID number below 10029474 you can download it before the end
of May. If you have an ID between 10029475 and 10300000 you will be able to
get the AdVision Control between the 3rd and 7th of June. Then if you
have an ID 10300001 and above you will be able to get the software between
the 7th and 15th of June.

You will not lose any ads by that. First of all we will not start to
distribute them until June and then they will appear on our users screen
when they have got the AdVision Control.
In the meantime, we thank you for your patience and remind you that all
BePaid members will be notified with e-mail about all details associated
with the downloading procedures of AdVision. Shortly after that or in the
beginning of June the advertisements will start to appear and you will start
earning some money.

Notice that our ads will be an entertainment to watch. We are not talking
about normal ads you have seen so far on the Internet. We are talking about
full screen ads with motion and sound!!

How much will we be paid, is there a limit, when?

This is how it works:

The AdVision Control will appear on your screen when you have an ad waiting
for you. There you can choose whether to see the ad or not. You will get
offers from advertisers from around $20-$100 per hour
(This you will see on the AdVision Control when it appears). Each ad will
last for about 5-30 seconds. Therefore you will get around $0.2-$1 per each
ad that you see. Our goal is to be able to show our users 5-15 ads per day.
So you should spend around 3-6 minutes each day watching advertisements.
That makes one and a half hour up to three hours per month. If the average
hourly payment is $20 you would get $30-$60 per month. Your earnings will
depend on how many advertisements you will get and how much the advertisers
will offer you. That is why it is hard for us to give you one exact number.
So there is no maximum amount or max limit of hours. The limitation will in
fact be how many advertisements will be available for you to see.

You can then increase this amount considerably by referring as many friends
as possible. You will get 13% of your referrals earnings and 7% of their

You will get your check sent at the end of each month as long as you have at
least $20 on your account. It could take around 2 weeks for the check to
arrive though.

To which countries do we send checks?

We do not send checks to all countries at the moment. We send checks to
USA, Canada, EU countries, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. If you do not
live in one of those countries the other option for you would be to choose
Beenz credits. has just started a co-operation with

Users that decide to receive their payment in Beenz will be able to buy
various things from Internet commerce all around the world. This is
therefore an excellent option for users in countries where does
not yet offer checks as a possibility. To choose this option you choose
Beenz credits on our join site.

We will try to offer the possibility of receiving checks in most countries
in the future but of course it depends on how many registered users we can
get in the country.

We therefore recommend highly to all users to choose Beenz as a method of
They are established in USA, Asia, Australia, Europe and have an agreement
with Internet companies all over the world.
The AdVision software will be distributed the 15th of May. By this time you
will have received e-mail from us telling you where and when you can
download the software.

Did you get an error on our site?

This is happening because there is an extreme load on our site right now.
You will not be able to check on your account today.

Sorry about that!!

What about Taxes?

Before you reach $600, you need to send us your social security number in
order to receive any further payments. The reason for this is Internal
Revenue Service (“IRS”) requirements, which require employers to notify the
IRS when amounts are paid equal to $600 or more in any given calendar year.

If you fail to provide the social security number, we can not send you any
more checks until you do so. Upon receipt of your social security number,
we will send any amounts due to you on the next first day of a calendar

After the end of the calendar year, and before January 31st, both the IRS
and you will receive a 1099 R form. You will need to file this form with
the IRS when you complete your tax return.

How do I refer my friends?

You can either let people enter your ID in the Ref ID box when they join or
let them join through your referral link.

The referral link is:

[[Dit mag hier niet!]]

Notice that you will have to put your 8 numbers ID into the link instead of
10000000. Then when you send this link to your friends and they click on it
they will automatically go to If they join your ID will
automatically be in the Ref ID box so you will get them as your referrals.
You will get 13% of your referrals earnings and 7% of their referrals. Try
the link out yourself before you send it away.

Does it cost anything?

You do not have to pay anything at all to join us. The only cost that you
will ever have to pay is up to $2 for the delivery cost of your check. This
will be deducted from your account.

Best Regards
Rut Steinsen
Marketing Dept.

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