has anyone tested the beos 4.5 (the latest i think), i´v been thinking of buying that but i want to hear some opinions about it. I know that beos will release a brand new version soon with more hardware support and stuff like that (and its FREE) anyway pls let me know what u think about that!. i would be more than happy if i would get some answers. cheers…

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Why would you like to buy an old version if the new much better version is FREE???
I have no experience with BeOS yet, but will try it as soon as they release the FREE 5.0 version.

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good question cause if its good i buy it…! i dont want to wait too long!


Just a note to say that all sites under the domain seem to be down…


i just downloaded the new free beos and it looks really good but if i really like it im gonna buy the retail version of it cause it has more features in it…one more thing i hear that beos is really good for graphics and all multimedia is this true? everyone keeps telling me that if i want an os thats very powerful for this sort of thing try beos? any thoughts on the beos would be appriciated…