Benq's next drive

I currently use a NEC 2500 firmware modded to 2510 and am generally happy with it. However my next drive must ‘definitely’ have media testing capabilities. I looked at the 1620 and it looks all well and good but am seriously waiting to see what the next model along is capable of. Especially in terms of dual layer writing. I know media is expensive and limited right now but it will eventually come down and I want to be prepared with a drive that can handle it. Especially since 2.5 speed DL is so slow. 8x DL has been announced and I would expect the next Benq drive to be anounced as supporting it. If not then at least 4x DL.

OK not much point to this post other than to conject as to what we can expect from (and when) the next Benq drive.

Surprisingly no replies. Thought the Benq fans would use this opportunity to discuss the next models possible features or even have a wishlist :slight_smile:

Info is already out if you search for it

Hmmm… BenQ 1620 can already write DL disc at 4x.

Ah OK then I am definitely looking at 8x DL and 8x SL RW.

OK found the other thread about the 1650 but if it’s SATA that could be a problem right there. Extra cost to get it working. I hope they have an IDE version available.

The thread on BenQ newest drives is here

The 1640 wont have 8x DVD+R DL only 4x and from the looks of what BenQ said to OC-Freak a new drive will ship instead with 8x DVD+R DL support when the time comes, however 8x +RW is on the cards and 6x for -RW.

Hopefully since Benq is already a step behind Nec and such for the next gen, they will release a super burner. 16/8/16 ±DVD, 8x+DL, 4x-DL, 53/32/52 cd,

I don’t think so.

Benq put priority on quality and media quality testing abilities rather than being fastest/first according to my info.

BenQ is probably not going to support -R DL for example.

The next BenQ will be a ‘short’ dude, good for small form factor PCs.

But the prototype BD recorder of Philips and Benq do support DVD±R DL, right? :slight_smile: