BenQs new Name

This is a published article in Digitimes. What a name. :confused:

Maybe it will be different in a couple months :bigsmile:

Yeah, Jia Da has been there for a while.

[B][I]Edited[/I][/B] (think person that original lines were aimed at had time to read…) BenQ is out of optical bussines, so who cares about this here anyway. :bigsmile:

Quote digitimes

BenQ will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Qisda and will keep BenQ as its brand name. The own-brand product lines will remain the same as now, covering wireless communication products, mobile phones, LCD monitors, LCD TVs, Joybook notebooks, optical storage products, MFPs and scanners, the company said.

Maybe they mean media and such.:iagree:

It was posted here ages back IIRC. I’m too lazy to find the thread now. :slight_smile:

True, can’t say it really bothers me much since they’re out of the ODD business now (although when I first heard about it, I did think they could have chosen something better!).

No this is different name i believe.

The one mentioned in the link is just as bad. Oh well shrugs :slight_smile:

I guess so many misfortune financially, and you know how superstitous the Chinese people are, so changing name might change their fortune around.

so no Qisda dvd burners?

Geez, I hope it’s no more than a trial balloon.

When you’ve got a tin ear for names, for god’s sake, hire professionals to invent one for $50,000, or whatever they charge now. It’s really worth it, plus you won’t have to endure ridicule for months. The INQ has a good take on this fiasco:

[B]Benq chooses stupid new name [/B]
Almost as daft as the old one

Well, the name is based on the pronounciation in Chinese and thus sound ridicoulous in English but it has nice meaning “quality innovation speed driving achievements”

As long as they can still make quality products, then we will eventually recognize them just like Honda and Toyota, they dont sound weird to us anymore.

With a name like that, they can Qisda sales goodbye. :stuck_out_tongue: