BENQ1655 + Enclosure question

I am currently in the process of buying a BenQ DW1655 internal burner. I’d like to pair it up with an external enclosure. Trouble is, I am confused as to which is the best enclosure for it. I’ve come across 3 different enclosure that are possible candidates:

  1. KINGWIN KH-525UF-S Aluminum 5.25" USB2.0(type B) + IEEE1394a Silver
    Chipset: Cypress chipset for USB/Oxford 911 chipset for Firewire

  2. AMC HC1-U2FW External Enclosure
    Chipset: Genesys GL 811E for USB 2.0 and GL 711E for Firewire

  3. BYTECC ME-320U2F(COMBO) 5.25" USB2.0(type B) + IEEE1394 External
    Chipset: Prolific 3507 chipset

Does anyone have any experience with these enclosures or can suggest a better one? Thanks!!

I’m pretty sure everyone recommends the Prolific chipset.

Go for the Prolific 3507 BUT you will be limited to 12x over USB and firewire (check as I can only do 8x over firewire due to bandwidth limits)

When BenQ release an external DW1655 you can flash to that firmware (hopefully) and this will allow full speed burning over firewire.

However, the sweet spot for the DW1655 seems to be 12x, for me anyway.

So far this seems to be the chipset that gives the least problems but you need to update to the newest firmware for the case (see the thread about it in this section).

I have the BenQ 1655 (rebadged I/O Magic now flashed with firmware BCDB) in an external enclosure with Prolific chip. I have updated to the latest firmware from Prolific and it gives me consistently good burns at 12x over Firewire.

I too am waiting for the external 1655 firmware to be relased so that I can flash the drive and be able to burn my 16x rated discs at 16x.

I have updated to the latest firmware from Prolific and it gives me consistently good burns at 12x over Firewire

what about USB?

Thanks for the advice. I was under the impression that the Cypress / Oxford chipset combo was superior to the Prolific 3507. I have done tons of research and it’s still confusing. I guess as long as you update the Prolific 3507 then you’re better off unless you have a MAC (seems that the Prolific 3507 has compatibility issues with this OS). Lots of opinions on about enclosures. Appears like it’s a 50/50 chance at times. Is there one maker superior over another (Bytecc vs Macally vs AMC…). I don’t want to buy an enclosure I will be returning. Thanks again for all the opinions.

The main reason that most people here chose Prolific I think is that the BenQ 1640 (1655 is almost same chipset & I have no problems) is listed on their site as compatable & the 2 little problems we have with it have been looked into & the main one fixed with a firmware update (Read errors when reading back any DVD disc with the enclosure).

The 2nd problem is a compatability between nero re-code and the enclosure causing an I/O error.

No! Both the oxford 911 and the cypress usb are slow - I can only get about 10X read rate with those bridge chips (using benq1655 or nec3500 drives). I just switched to the prolific, and I now can get the full 16x read rate via firewire (with an nec drive at udma2). Performance is slightly slower via prolific’s usb port.

Newer oxford chipsets such as the 911+ or 912 claim to have better performance levels but most enclosure specifications don’t make it crystal clear which oxford chip is really inside…

So how is the 2nd issue (Nero Recode compatibility) circumvented?
Also, when flashing the Prolific 3507 to the latest firmware (, did you just use Prolific’s utility ( or some other firmware and method?

By not using it. Do your transcoding in a separate step before using nero burning rom to burn.

Exactly, I used icp 2.3. Speaking of flashing, I tried several oxford firmwares (2002 thru 2004 versions, up to version 4.0), and found none that improved the i/o rate or burst rate.

One more thing…does it matter whether the enclosure or the burner is flashed first?

After I had problems with my benq 1655 in the oxford enclosure, I moved it to internal, and flash updated the 1655 while internal. I don’t have experience flashing benq drives while in enclosures. I actually haven’t even put it back into the newer prolific enclosure. My performance tests with the prolific have been with an nec drive. I’ve been kind of hoping for UDMA4 capable benq firmware before moving the benq drive back to an enclosure. Everyone says benq drives don’t quite get 16X performance at UDMA2 for some reason (even tho my NEC can do 16X at UDMA2…)

To be on the safe side I would do all the flashing with USB. I know that with the new Prolific firmware that you can flash the BenQ using firewire but I think all prolific flashes have to be done over USB.

They are only small files so it should not matter if you only have USB1.1

I updated my Prolific PL3507 based enclosure over FireWire to the d112805 firmware without any problems. There was a NEC ND-4551A drive in the enclosure at the time, but I don’t see why that should make a difference to the Prolific flashing process.

So I don’t think it’s necessary to use the USB connection for the PL3507 flashing.

As for the BenQ firmware flashing I wouldn’t know, but my NEC ND-4551A flashed without any problems over FireWire also after I upgraded the Prolific firmware, so maybe it will work for the BenQ also.

I am still wondering why benq doesnt use udma4 interface firmware…plextor and liteon do, usually get 4k better transfer rates with those drives.

The 1640external (EW164B) is UDMA 4 and I cannot seem to find one for sale anywhere in the USA, I saw them on a website in the UK, but if we knew what chipset was in that enclosure maybe we could start there. I have not seen a retail external BenQ1655 yet. Has anyone?

Yes it works for BenQ drives. As long as you have the latest PL-3507 firmware, you can flash the BenQ drives over Firewire as well as USB2.0.


I can only update the enclosure via USB2.0. I use ROMWriter2.3RS64.exe and it won’t even recognize if the enclosure is hooked via Firewire.

On IDE bus (internal) it’s just not needed IMO. My 1693 runs in UDMA-4 with a tranfer rate of 37+MB/s and still this mode doesn’t add anything to performance. :slight_smile:

With drive installed externally, that’s another story…

Same here!
Well, in the readme, it says, you should connect it via USB! I think they know what they are talking about…

I cannot read the Prolific PL3507 ROM version over FireWire now, so I think I have to admit that I simply remembered it wrong when I said that flashing the Prolific PL3507 over FireWire was possible! :o

I apologize for the misleading information.

The part about flashing NEC firmware over FireWire was correct though.