BENQ1640, reads DVDs, can't read CDs?

Hi guys,

I have a strange situation. My 4-month old 1640 can’t read a single CD. When I put the media in the drive, it tries to read it for a few seconds and then the light goes out. Like there’s no cd in it. This started about a month ago.

But, DVD reading works perfectly. Any media.

Burning issues are the same. Blank CDs - nothing, blank DVDs - all OK.

Any help?

Some driver/software seems to hide the cd content from the OS/you.

Well, an interesting thought. But I don’t think that’s the case. I installed another OS, clean, without any software. And the behavior in both OS’s is the same.

Anyway, I will take the drive out of my pc and put it in another one. We’ll see how it goes.

Could it be the firmware trouble? You see, I’m not sure when did my problems start, but in the recent month or two I did upgrade the firmware (but with the official one!). I didn’t use my pc much in the last few months so I didn’t notice anything strange happening immediately after the upgrade. Few days ago I tried to downgrade the firmware, it went ok, but nothing changed.

Thanks for your help

Yes, just try it. Hopefully it helps you.

Could be a bad laser. I’ve been told there are two. One for CD’s and one for DVD’s. I’ve never looked, but that’s what tech support for a stand-alone ILO (LiteOn) recorder told a friend that was having the same problem. They had him RMA and the problem was solved.

I trust that new install was with MS drivers. My 1655 did the same thing untill I replaced Nvidia drivers with MS.

I read some time ago in another forum that DVD drives indeed have two laser, and one lense. Is that the case? If it is, then the “bad laser” theory makes perfect sense.

Can someone confirm that? Two lasers in every DVD drive?