BenQ1640 + Prolific3507 = No DVD Playback?

Ordered a couple of 1640’s from NewEgg a month ago. For the price it’s hard to beat and also they seem highly recommended around here.

Threw one into my Kingwin 5.25" enclosure (with Prolific chipset) and flashed it up with the latest (BSLB) rpc1 MCSE patched firmware and off I go, burning and scanning away without a care in the world. Life couldn’t be better…

…Fast forward to one month later…

Get home from work, fire up the PC, throw in a DVD and get ready to relax long pause movie doesn’t start :frowning: Hrm… let’s try a different one… no go…

Not willing to give up, I tried playing some mixed media files (DivX, Xvid, MPEG2) that I had burned earlier and I could get them to play… except the performance was horrible and kept skipping. Swapped out the current drive with the other 1640 I got and saw the same problems. Had I gotten two bad drives from NewEgg? Unlikely… I then swapped that out for a NEC3540 (I have lots of drives “lying around” :wink: and suddenly everything is working :eek:

Ok… time for some experiments…

Seems like there was another firmware update since I had initially flashed my drive, so I downloaded the BSMB firmware and flashed away. I also found that there was a firmware update for the Prolific chipset so I got that one too (d090605). Same problems as before…

After some digging around in the hardware pile, I was able to find an old enclosure with Oxford 911 chipset. Hooked it up to the 1640 and now everything is working. I also tried connecting directly to the IDE on my PC and that worked fine.

So it appears the drive is fine, just doesn’t like talking to the Prolific chipset. The funny thing is burning and scanning is problem free, just playback is problematic.

Is it possible I may have missed something? Also, can any of you out there with this combination of hardware confirm this problem?

Btw, I have since reverted to a BenQ1620 in the Kingwin enclosure (which doesn’t have any problems to report whatsoever). I can’t accept using that old Oxford 911 chipset enclosure since it’s ugly as hell and doesn’t match my case. I know… I’m so shallow :bigsmile:

Have a read through this thread:

It sounds like you could have the same problem a few of us have seen with the 1640 in a Prolific PL3507 based enclosure.

Really? I thought I was crazy when I noticed this with my drive and my enclosures, especially considering how many posts there are telling people to use Prolific-based cases for the DW1640. My DW1640 in a Prolific PL-3507 based case seems to work fine when plugged into my PC tower through USB2; I don’t have Firewire on this PC.

However, when I take the DW1640 in the Prolific case and plug it into my eMac (I know, I must be the only reader of these forums who uses a Mac) through Firewire, the disc is recognized fine but takes a long time to show up on the desktop. Also, as you indicated, DVD playback starts off choppy and then just freezes. Navigating files on the DVD will also cause freezes. I can’t test how well the external drive would work when plugged in through USB on my eMac because my eMac lacks USB 2.0 ports.

My ‘solution’ has been to use my slower, but at least functional, ALI/Oxford 911 combo enclosure. I’ve tried using BSMB and BSLB firmwares unsuccessfully, and I’ve also tried the 090605, 120904, and 110904 Prolific firmwares all to no success.

BTW, my post above clearly demonstrates that there is a problem between the 1640 and the Prolific case. If the problem is showing up on a Mac, which can’t share any software incompatibilities with a PC, the problem has to be in hardware.

Interesting point about this not working with the MAC. Now the problem becomes even more complex.

Yes, the Oxford 911 based chipset has no read problems. Its only the combination of the 1640+Prolific chipset thats the issue. I have now given up and use a separate reader for my DVDs and use the 1640 for burns and scans only. Absolutely no issues with burning and scanning though, the 1640 rocks!

woohoo! :bigsmile:

Just noticed this on the Prolific website:\IDE%20Storage\PL-3507\Firmware\

PL-3507B Firmware Update
F/W Version: 2005.11.28.148 [Checksum 5748]
For Chip B and above versions only (w/ ICP Support)
Note: Fixed BENQ DW-1640 ODD Burn Verify issue.

Can’t actually test this out now since I’m still at work…
but I sure hope this fixes my problem

It should do as it fixed the read problems for me and others.