BenQ1640 max 8X

My BenQ 1640 has just arrived. Flashed to BSJB and started to burn an ISO using DVDDecrypter. Then I noticed max speed of 8X using Yuden000-T02
Same disks were previously reported as being able to burn at 16X with the BenQ1640. Is this normal ? due to immature firmware ? or is there something I could/should do ?

The 1640 doesnt support over speeding media yet… so 8x is what your stuck with unless you want to try your hand with MCSE or wait till the next firmware update.

Thanks - makes sense. I normally burn at 8X anyway. Was simply concerned that something might be wrong.

First burn attached. Very little difference from a normal 1620 burn. Individual disks vary enough to make some 98% and some 99%.

Certainly much faster on verifying

Will the 1640 overspeed any media? The 1620 did?

Eventually when they enable the solid burn feature in a future firmware update, OC-Freak already mentioned that he has a beta firmware with over speeding but its not in any shape to be ready for release yet.

Thanks for the info, I bought one because I have a whole bunch of TYG-02 media and I have read that the 1640 burns this media very well.

Judging from the 1640 TYG02 scans in the “Post Your BenQ DW1640 SL media here” thread, I think you’re going to be very pleased with your drive. Post some scans when you get a chance.

I just ordered it from NewEgg 45.99 + 4.00 shipping, I am a bit disappointed that it doesn’t overspeed like the 1620 but I am sure future firmware will overspeed Yuden000-T02-000 as I have a lot of this also.

I don’t think you’ll have to worry about overspeeding for long … I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before the firmwares get released to allow it. Little surprising it doesn’t right out of the box (considering the progress they’ve made on the 1620 firmware … then again, it is mechanically different from the 1620 from what I understand), but makes you wonder if they kinda rushed the release (well, I know it’s just getting underway) to keep up with the NEC 3540’s.

I’m especially looking forward to seeing how it does with the SolidBurn feature.

Although I’ve only had mine for a day with scores of 98% and 99% and sub 100 PIF and sub 10,000 PIE I can wait until they fix this “rushed out” product.

NEC and Liteon blew it for me some time ago and even my Plextor 716A gathers dust :smiley:

Hehe. I said that mainly in jest. Considering the burn quality the 1640’s are producing, it’s hard to be disappointed. 98’s & 99’s @ sub 100 PIF’s and sub 10k PIE’s … that’s DVD burning heaven. :slight_smile:

Both my Nec3520 and 3540 produce excellent burns at 16x with Yuden000-T02-000.

I am sick of overspeeding … It keeps coastering my disks.

The fact that the benq 1640 drive doesn’t do it is somewhat encoraging for me, as I am almost at the stage where I would rather the drive NOT even attempt to overspeed disks :slight_smile:

Well damn, and all this time I thought this was BenQ thread…

Sorry about that pcdoc, I should not have posted that in this thread. Won’t happen again.