BenQ1640 greater writer - poor reader

I’m just curious - can anyone explain why BenQ 1620 and 1640 are such great writers ( the best in my experience) and yet such poor readers ? I frequently find old commercial and burned disks that the BenQ’s simply fall down on but which provide no reading difficulty to my Liteon 1693S. Same again with Scanning - very old and poor scans just cause the BenQs grief and can not be relied upon.
The Liteon is far more reliable as a scanner and yet can come no where close when it comes to burning Yuden 000 T02

Never a problem with my 2 BenQ’s reading/scanning

You probably shoulda posted this in Optical Drive forum (neutral ground) :wink:

I confirm: my benq 1640 read discs better (and faster) than my liteon 1693.

The only drive I’ve owned that read discs better than my 1640 was my Plex 712.

Sorry If I haven’t been clear. I’m not talking about new disks. The BenQ can read as well as any and faster than most. It also scans good media well.

I’m talking about older poor quality media. take a dvd that you burned in say 2002 or 2003 on an early burner with poor quality media. Often these disks are unreadable with a BenQ and scans give impossible values. take a disk that children have been playing with and the phsyical damage often means that the BenQ can not read the data … but a Liteon can.

Although I never burn with a Liteon - its good but not as good as the BenQ1640 - I now always scan with the Liteon and frequently have to use the Liteon 1693S to copy data from older disks or those that have been damaged.

Still if no one else has experienced this then my main question must remain unanswered.

I confirm my post. Also with old and poor readable discs my benq 1640 is better than my liteon 1693. Maybe there are different batches of drives.

@HarrySmith, I had a bad experience with Ritek G05 discs going bad and tried to rip all of the bad G05 and reburn on better media. The BenQ 1620 and 1640 would quite often have cyclic redundancy errors and would not rip the disc. My Plextor 716A and Lite on SOHW 1635 would rip the same discs without problems. That is really the only media I have ever seen present a problem with my BenQ’s. Some of the Ritek G05 was unrecoverable with any of my burners HTH.:slight_smile:

Thanks - I really am surprised that others find the BenQ good at ripping bad media. I have only had 4 BenQs so should really not generalize but I have never found a a cyclic redundancy that the BenQ could read and the Liteon could not - it is always the other way round. I get errors with the BenQs and then call on a Liteon to rip

When BenQ 1640 f/w being embadded with the MCSE the drive become one ofthe fastest ripper around.

I think part of it is probably variation between drives but it might also be what exactlly is bad with the disk. One drive might be good at reading one kind of problem or damage while another might be good at a diffrent type. That is kind of the strength of having multiple drives. My liteon 16p9s dvd-rom is defanatlly my fastest reader, though my aopen 1616 burner is by far my strongest reader (strongest as in it reads poorly burned, scratched or damaged disks the best). Still, even though overall the aopen is the strongest, I have ran across a few disks that the aopen couldn’t read, that other drives could. I think I might have even had one that the aopen couldn’t read, that my nec 3500 could read, and overall, the 3500 is a crappy reader (great burner though).
Just use which ever works best. If one wont read a disk, try another. Your liteon is proabably just good at reading the particular kind of defects your current disks have, and perhaps, with normal variations between drives, maybe you got a liteon that reads beter than average or a benq that reads worse than average?

My SOHW-1635S read better than my 1640, more slow with not 16x certified speed media (I don’t know why) but better. BenQ with some poor discs show POF errors, while LiteOn read them perfectly.
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My BenQ 1620 will read everything apart from discs written in my old BTC drive. The only discs it reads from that are TYG01 and the speed drops alot in the transfer rate test. I’m not surprised though as BTC is absolute crap.

My new LG seems to read them all though strangely.

LG and Pioneer are very good error correctors especially of discs with inner TOC zone problems.