BenQ1640 can't read DVD

Hello Friends,

Sorry for double posting. I did post the following questions over at the software protection forum and requested a moderator to move it over here but so far, no body did. I would greatly appreciate any and all kinds of help.

My two quick questions: 1), My BenQ1640 can’t read the speacial feature disc of “The Last Samurai” at all but it read the movie disc fine, what maybe the problem here?

  1. Can I use DVDDecrypter or DVDShrink to burn a DVD-R or +R DL? If so, would someone kindly walk me through the process please. If not, what software do I need to burn a DL disc after using DVDDecryptor and DVDShrink to prepare the files?

Thank you,

If the special feature disc is not a DVD-movie but a CD/DVD iso it should be readable by the OS straight up, unless of course the publishers used some form of copy protection.

I can only suggest for the second question, this particular forum isn’t a how to guide for ripping and burning. You might want to try the COPY DVD forum on for additional information.