BenQ1640 and Prolific Enclosure Questions

Hi i am new to all this.

i have a couple questions

  1. how do i update the chipset firmware.
  2. how do i update BenQ1640 to the external version of it
  3. how to do change back to from external version to internal version firmware.
  4. how do u flash the firmware.

Prolific Enclosure
Plumax PM-525C2-PPS V4 Silver Combo USB 2.0 & Firewire 1394 External Enclosure for 5.25 / 3.5 Inch HDD/Device, w/ Ball Bearing Fan & EMI Shield

BenQ1640 OEM from NEWEGG
June 2005
Made in china

thanks again

Hi :slight_smile:
Get BQFlasher here
Then firmware here


To update the Prolific chipset firmware if it’s the PL-3507 download;
ROM Writer here
28-08-2005 firmware here

Remember to do ALL firmware flashes over USB (you can use USB1 or USB2 for flashing), it has a tendancy to fail if done over Firewire.

Also, I run the DW1640 using the standard internal firmware and have not had any problems hitting 16x on Firewire or 12x on USB2 but it would be nice to have the cvt files to swap between internal and external.

Can’t see any reason why you shouln’t be able to do that… :confused:

Use WinDWFlash and 164B.cvt (this thread) and/or BSLB.cvt (posted in this thread). Switch firmware whenever you like. :wink:

If you are lucky Quikee’s BQFlasher might also work with your enclosure and .exe firmwares. :slight_smile:

Search is great. Use it!

thanks again for the help

i let everyone know when my Enclosure arrived on friday.

another Question

does it make a differnet rather or not the BenQ 1640 is on master or slave or cs

One of our knowledged members stated it must be master (firewire). I’m not sure if this also goes when connected to USB because I don’t have a Prolific enclosure…

BTW, I found this by using search this thread function in “the big external enclosure thread”. :slight_smile:

I have a TrueWin case with a little controller board inside.
I can see a Philips circuit PDI1394P23BD
and another one: the Prolific ? labelled:


How do I know if this is a A, B or C revision ?
Is it flashable with latest firmware ?


Okay, I got my response halfway through a 25 pages thread:
the “A” in “04167A” means it’s a revision A circuit and it is
NOT flashable!
ROMWrite214 says firmware is 2004.09.22.170
This enclosure is an old stock and I will get a refund!

hi all. Do anyone know how to solve my problem? I have try to burn some DVDs. Although burn successful, but almost 70% sector cannot read/not identical in verification. Tried on using either USB 2.0 or IEE1394, result still same. Tried using different computer but still on casing, result still same. I try open the files, some of files cannot be read.

Below is my config:-

Burner: Benq DW1640 (Firmware tried: BSMB, BSLB plus BEFB for EW164B)
Casing: Welland ME-340 using Prolific PL-3507 (Firmware: 2005.09.06.187)
- use 1394Test.exe to test, 100% successful.
Software: Ahead Nero and
Media: 1) Benq 8xDVD+R (MID: Daxon AZ2)
- burn at 8x, burn successful but failed verified in casing.
2) Sony 4xDVD+RW (MID: Sony S11)
3) Ricoh 4xDVD+RW (MID: RICOHJPN W11)
- both burn at 4x, burn successful but failed verified in casing.

Anyone please help.