BENQ1625 OR HP DVD640i




So, which drive do you guys prefer, and why? I’m really intrigued by the lightscribe technology (though most of you seem not to be) and will be getting one of the drives. So, any reason to choose one over the other?

Also, a couple question about the lightscribe discs:

  1. Anyone have any problems playing them in other media drives?
  2. Are the lightscribe discs blank on top? I don’t want to see “Verbatim” in big letters around the disc

Newegg doesn’t have a retail version of the benq drive; what would I be missing if I went OEM? No nero software?

Also, is the lightscribe program integrated into the nero software or is it a separate application?



They are the same.


Check out this article to see the top of lightscribe discs and how well it works etc


Ok, so the two drives are pretty much the same. So, what is the diff. between the oem and retail versions?


just the firmware.


The firmware is different . HP are more cautious on releases and make sure everything works before they release. I was in email contact with the HP Product engineer that wasnt too happy when he found out Nero had released a Lightscribe update he wasnt informed about and HP own the Lightscribe spec.

The disks are blank on top only manufacturers mark is on the inner ring .Lightscribe disks look the best with 2 passes. Lightscribe will be updated by media and firmware no need to upgrade dvd Drives .

HP has better easy to use Labeling software with SureThing .Nero’s Labeling plugin is an afterthought.If you already have Nero get the HP 640i .


In some countries, HP has better support than BenQ. In South Korea, HP DVD640i is both cheaper and better supported than BenQ DW1625 because of the presence of HP Korea. (BenQ doesn’t have a similar presence here but it’s a BeAll distributor that sells BenQ drives.)


For the USA, the BenQ DW1625 is supported much better and receives firmware updates much quicker.
HP firmwares take longer to arrive, support less media, support some media at slower speeds and have lower overall media compatibility.
If you will be sticking with official firmwares, please get the BenQ branded drive.


Hello, I recently bought the Philips lightscribe dvd16ls.

Love this drive! Upgraded it to fw 1.8 the writing quality is amazing thanks to the wopc I guess.
It’s soo much better than my previous liteon

About the lightscribe this works good, still takes some time ±28minutes to get a good quality lightscribe burn.

The logo’s and text are of good quality.

I would recommend the philips otherwise go buy the benq.