Hi all. Hope I am not being redundent but posted a thread on the newbie forum and had no responce. Posted over a week ago.


  1. Asus P4P800D
  2. 2.8Gig-P4
  3. (3) Maxtor SATA drives
  4. 2 drives running XP-Pro,1 drive running Linux 10.1 OS,s
  5. 2 LightOn 52246 CD burners
  6. 512 DDR 3200 RAM
  7. Radeon 9200 card

Will be installing a BenQ 1620 drive. Main use will be to make backup copies of the DVD movies I have at home and be able to create dupes for camp.
Main questions are:

  1. Best hardware setup? ie: replace one 52256,add the new drive to existing system,how,best config, etc?

  2. Best software to accomplish needs.

  3. Best media. Verbatum and Maxell seem to use preferred mfg coatings.

Any imput would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

  1. Set your DW1620 as Master on one of your motherboard’s IDE channels/ports.

  2. DVD Decrypter and DVD shrink - both are freeware. Or, AnyDVD and CloneDVD which are not free but also very good.

  3. Verbatim DVD+R 8x and 16x speed rated (MCC 003 and MCC 004), Also TDK and Fuji (both must say made in Japan on the spindle’s label) DVD+R 8x speed rated (YUDEN000 T02), and Fuji DVD-R 8x speed rated (must say made in Japan also TYG02). Burn ALL of these at 12x speed maximum.

For optimum playback on ALL DVD players, I would bitset the +R discs to DVD ROM. Also stick with 4x burn speed. It will take you 14 min to fill a SL DVD at 4x, and 6 min at 16X. Note that you don’t have a lot of safety margin when you burn at 16x. And the media MAY not be readable with some DVD players.

I have no proof but I suspect the long-term storage life may also degrade faster at 16x.

I would use Qscan to test disks first. Some 8X disks ( the cheaper - poorer variety)
seem to work best at 4x. Others - verbatim, Yuden, Sony - appear to work better at 8X and 12X.

I agree that at present 16X will not give the best results but unfortunatley some disks work better at slower than specified speeds whilst others work better at faster than specified speeds.

The only way to find out which is which is to test on your own system.


Thanks all for the help. Hey Socrates007,the drive came today while I was at work and I bought a 25 platter set of Verbetim DVD+D’s today. Things are looking up.Tried to find ANY info to help with who mfg. them. Only say these were made in Taiwan. Any thoughts?

Search Google for DVD Indetifier. Those discs may be MCC 03 (good) or CMC (fair).

The 8x +R Yudens (02) look great with my 712A Plextor (4x and 8x).

Thanks again. I ran DVD Speed on the new disks and Socrates was right. They are MCC 004 and the first 5 check 100% so far.Trying my first burn tomorrow. Appreciate all the help.

One more time on this issue. I have downloaded the latest firmware B7T9 , for an upgrade on the new drive. New drive has G7H9 . Tried to flash the firmware and get an error telling me it can not upgrade. Any help?