Benq1620 writes DVD-R (DVDminusR) then can't read it?

Has anyone noticed that Benq 1620 writes a DVD-R, then it can’t read it at all? The same disc then works perfectly in a set-top DVD player? I have Yi Jhan 001 DVD-R discs. These work perfectly in my Sony writer for reading and writing with DVDDecryptor. While the Benq won’t read them under Windows, it will read and write a Norton Ghost backup perfectly (dos).
Since the Norton Ghost backup on these -R discs does a perfect restore without CRC errors, I assume that the Benq can read DVD-R under DOS, but not Windows. The Ghost disc is not readable by the Benq under Windows. The problem does not happen with DVD+R. Help?

Similar result with Fornex101- the cheapest available here. Sometimes readable sometimes not…

I had some luck with Benq’s newest bios and the scanning tool. I can do a scan of the cheap -r discs to see if it will work before getting frustrated. And it can read them now! Yay!! One of the finished discs had to be ejected and mounted several times before it was happy, but I can relate to that. I just love that new scanning tool! If it flunks the scanning, (I read the graph) then I just throw the disk in the trash without burning it. Very few actually flunk out, though. Only 21 more of the economy -R discs to go before I’m finally rid of them. It was either that, or give them as a stocking stuffer. I just couldn’t think of who should receive a small box of frustration as a christmas present. :wink:

I have some “as-cheap-as-they-come” -Rs. Manufacturer code is AN32. No problems writing or reading. Works great in my DVD video player, or in the 1620.