Benq1620 with Sony RITEKG05 or Maxell SONY08D1? How are the burns

Sony SONY08D1 or Maxell RITEKG05

gonna use it in a BENQ 1620

i bought 200 of each online but I will have to return one set or another

(bought them at different times cause both were out of stock, wanted to see which came in first, but both came together lol)

I would keep the Daxon-made Sony discs and return the Ritek-made Maxell discs. RITEKG05 have been of inconsistent quality.

My opinion is, Maxell is making a mistake switching to Ritek-made media for North American distribution. They want to become like Memorex? Fine, I am about to take them off my list of media to consider.

Yeah I would go with the Sony 08D1, they burnt great at 12x or 16x with B7V9 firmware, the quality of RITEKG05 varies too much.

BenQ branded 8x DVD-R [SONY08D1] burnt at 12x

BenQ branded 8x DVD-R [SONY08D1] burnt at 16x

thanks for the scan pics, if i cant get those MIT maxell exchanged for MIJ, i will keep the sonys for sure