Benq1620 with bonus again at newegg

The benq1620 is cheap with 25 free dvd and 25 free cd again. It was like 43$ yesterday and 3$ shipping but I didn’t think to post (it was late and I was tired, if you don’t like it, in the imortal words of bender, bite my shiny metal ass!!!).
Right now it is 44.99 with 4$ shipping and the bonus, and as we all know about newegg, could be 38$ tomorow, could be 48$, could be 60$, could be no more bonus, who knows???
mid post edit, a link, duuuuhhhh.

FYI if someone got one of these last time, please post the media codes on the benq dvd’s, not that it would personally effect me what they are, but my curiosity is about to cause me to stroke out…

the none pro versions are cheaper

The DVDs are the usual Benq-branded DAXON AZ2.

Follow the link I gave. The bonus is 25 benq cd-r’s, 25 benq dvd?r’s (50 free disks) plus the retail version of the drive gives a 80 pin cable (big fucking woop to me, I got a billion of them fuckin flat cabels, and plenty of round)…
Didn’t mean that to offent you, meant that as, I have dozzens of ide cables, and can never find one the right length???
But anyway, for 8$ more than the oem one, you get 50 disks, a cable, a pretty shinny box, some software (probably a half ass ver of nero, plus lots of other crap. The only diff between the pro and the non pro is firmware (which you can adjust for, so it is the extras that count).
You are right though, have very littl mony and need a burner, go for that oem one. Want a bunch of extra shit cheap, get the bonus deal (that was beter yesterday, damn newegg…

Does this burner come with any other faceplates other than the black? I was
kinda hoping for a beige.
Thanks, Budzos

I bought this Retail version from NewEgg on 6/1 @ $54 total paid (free shipping). So, about $6 less right now. Not a smokin’ deal, but not too bad either considering these drives are still going about $49 (after rebate) for rebadged 1620’s right now.

  1. NO extra faceplates. The drive / tray … all black.

  2. NO IDE cable … that was disappointing, cuz I was hoping for an 80 pin cable - ie. instead having to dig through my boxes of crap to find out where I put all those damn cables I’ve collected over the years.

  3. Comes with a Nero cd … haven’t used it though, so not sure which version it is.

  4. (at least for me) … it arrived in a worn, old looking OUTER box. The actual retail drive itself was in a brand new sealed box inside the master box. The media were in the usual 25 pk shrink wrapped spindles. Aside from my surprise at the worn looking outer box (it was even marked “beige”), the contents were fine and new.

  5. MEDIA: 25 pk BENQ CD-R’s (haven’t used, so not sure MID) + 25 pk BENQ 8x DVD+R (MID: DAXON AZ2).

  6. DAXON AZ2: not the greatest media, but not terribly bad. I’ve only used about 5 of the dvd’s, and results as follows (8x burn):

DAXON AZ2 ( B7U9 f/w @ default write strategy ):
96 QS - PIE @ 15 max / 46,878 ttl; PIF @ 7 max / 1,738 ttl
97 QS - PIE @ 20 max / 43,575 ttl; PIF @ 6 max / 469 ttl

DAXON AZ2 ( B7U9 f/w @ MBIPG101 R05 write strat ):
97 QS - PIE @ 16 max / 23,378 ttl; PIF @ 6 max / 407 ttl
97 QS - PIE @ 17 max / 29,396 ttl; PIF @ 6 max / 386 ttl
97 QS - PIE @ 11 max / 22,719 ttl; PIF @ 5 max / 362 ttl

Haven’t tried them with B7V9 firmware, so maybe they could improve some more. If you do get this retail package, I highly recommend trying MBIPG101 R05 write strategy.

The Benq 1620 ‘experience’ can be wildly varied depending on who you ask (say, Chas0039 vs. Zevia / Djadja / pcdoc / and even crossg ). There are plenty of posts back a month or so back addressing the issues some people had experienced.

If you’re willing to roll the dice, it’s a fantastic burner with a lot of great features. Although I don’t get the pristine scans that have been posted all over the Benq forum, I am very satisfied with my purchase thus far. I returned a brand new NEC 3520 (which was never used, so don’t everyone go jump on me at once) to get this retail Benq package.

If you’re esp. planning on using some of the high quality brands (ie. TYG02, MCC 003, MCC 004, YUDEN000 T02’s, etc), there are some truly amazing scans posted. Surprisingly, my best scan has actually been on el-cheapo sale priced Office Max branded MBIPG101 R04 media. Lol.

I’m sure others will chime in their thoughts, but I don’t think Ripit started this post to get into a war over brands. I’m not biased towards any particular brand. All I can say, it’s been a good experience so far with this purchase. It may or may not for you.

Keep in mind, if you can hold out a ‘little while’ longer, the 1640 is looking really promising - esp. with the posts re. “SolidBurn” technology. Just check out the Benq forum.

Or, looking at the current offerings in NewEgg’s BENQ burner section, the OEM gray 1620 is $36.99 + $4 shipping. Teapot bought one of these around the time I got my retail 1620, and he’s had pretty good results from his comments I’ve seen posted.

Thanks for the info, I think I may be adding another burner to the stable.

I’m sure others will chime in their thoughts, but I don’t think Ripit started this post to get into a war over brands. I’m not biased towards any particular brand. All I can say, it’s been a good experience so far with this purchase. It may or may not for you.

Lol, the what drive is best wars can be fun to watch. I just posted because it seemed like a good deal with the bonus for anyone looking for a 1620. Lg, nec, benq… they all make good drives (some models beter than others). They have thier strong points which may differ but they all make good drives. Personally I don’t have a benq or an lg. I might buy a benq if I had the money but with 3 burners and a rom, it’s not a priority unless I just happen to have some extra money and nothing beter to spend it on (just bought a power supply, another half gig of ram and some software so no extra money right now). I have recently built 2 computers for friends with 1620’s and they are working great for them. My nec 3500 will burn just about any media you throw at it (even crappy stuff) decent. My liteon 851s@832s is my fastest burner at 8x and with select media (it’s a little bit picky) it burns the best (even beter than my 3500). My aopen is by far the best reader of all my drives and is an incredible cd burner (though it’s dvd burning capabilities are kind of crappy due to poor firmware). If I were to buy a 1620 it would be for the fast ripping speed with pressed dual layer disks (about 14x with hacked firmware if I am not mistaken). I think that I would rather spend the extra money to get a burner (still pretty cheap) than to get an aopen rom for fast ripping (not in a hurry though). I really don’t have any brand loyalty but the 1620 is a good all around burner (if you dont get a defective one). Is it beter than an lg or a nec? Depends on what your prioritys are. They have a little diffrent strong and weak points but are all good in their own way. Thats my take on it anyway. For 45$, why not?

I ordered mine more out of curiosity, and hoping that some of the crappy media that I
bought at Officemax for $3.00 per 25 pack (CMC Mag F01’s) will burn a bit better. I get
acceptable results with my Liteon with this media but always looking for better results.

ninbang thanx for the gr8 tips. but i still cant seem to lower my pie/pif like urs, esp the pi errors.


benq 16x [daxon az2 = mbipg101 r05]
dw1620 b7v9 wopc of @ 16x
73 QS - PIE @ 322 max / 740,191 ttl; PIF @ 22 max / 2200 ttl


benq 16x [daxon az2 = mbipg101 r05]
dw1620 b7v9 wopc of @ 8x
96 QS - PIE @ 32 max / 81,954 ttl; PIF @ 7 max / 824 ttl


benq 16x [daxon az2 = mbipg101 r05, max.8x]
dw1620 b7v9 wopc on @ 8x
97 QS - PIE @ 35 max / 76,919 ttl; PIF @ 6 max / 758 ttl


@ L’Arc-en-Ciel:

I noticed your other thread before but never had a chance to reply back.

(1) As for your burner, I notice you’re using B7V9, so did your burner originally come equipped with B7V9? If not, and if you upgraded directly to B7V9, you may want to try the “B7L9 trick” … flash to B7L9, reboot twice (think I’ve read someone recommended to power off for 1-2 minutes), flash to B7V9, reboot twice … + if you’re using MCSE (for swapping write strats) and want to enable the speed patch, make sure to disable / then enable the IDE controller your burner is on ( well, this is assuming it’s on something OTHER than what your harddrive, which holds your O/S, is on).

(2) DAXON AZ2: I haven’t burned enough of this media to really be comfortable giving suggestions on it. But, mine were burned with B7U9 with WOPC enabled & using MBIPG101 R05 write strat (MCSE I’ve read that WOPC disabled works better with higher quality media.

It’s a little painstaking, but I’ve discovered that certain media prefer different firmwares and different write strat combo’s. Well, let me qualify that by saying ‘prefer’ meaning seeing improvement which some may not deem worthy of switching back and forth for.

Have you tried any other firmwares with that media? Did you try any burns with the stock setup right out of the box?

Also, I think it’s safe to say DAXON AZ2 aren’t top quality media, so I’m sure you can expect a lot of variation in the quality of your burns. Along those lines, what other media have you tried burning?

There’s a sale on Fuji’s and Verbatim’s this week. Check out the Bargain Basement threads. If you can get your hands on some Made In JAPAN Fuji’s, it may be a good comparison point for juding your burner’s burn quality … ie. there are tons of YUDEN000 T02 (FUJI 8x +R) and TYG02 (FUJI 8x -R) scans in the Benq threads. NOTE: I can’t guarantee the Made In Japan Fuji’s will be as noted, but it’s highly likely you’ll end up with those MID’s. Btw, TYG02’s produce some amazing burns on the Benq 1620. I’m looking forward to picking some up myself.

well did all that but nothing much improved. these are the new burn/scans done on the same batch of the saxon az2 media. my drive came with b7s9, and yeah i flashed it straight to b7v9+riplock removed+rpc1.

the transfer test reached 16x for 00058 after the burn with b7v9. but with b7u9 after burning 00059 it would start @ only 1.72x and not any faster [6x+.] so i flased to the final [00060] firmware config and tried again, this time i couldnt even get 0058 to start transfer test at anything faster than 1.7x besides the 00059. so i took the 00056 disc and it went straight from 6x+ to 16x. i also tried 00058+00059 on the liteon and the transfer was also fine. so i burned 00060 and tried the transfer+scan and it was all fine again as ull see from the scan too, im totally confused here.

i have maxell 002 MIJ 8x +R [ well had 400, but returned 350 coz i needed the money for a new powersupply :frowning: ] and the scans u posted of the daxon az2 are, well, better than the best burn i had so far of the 10/11 maxells that i burnt. my best burn [ironically it was 12x as the burns @8x werent this good] had a pie max=15, ttl=30306 and pif max=10, ttl=1291 [scan 00039.] the ttl pie is almost as good as ur scans of the daxons but the pif is still atleast 3-4 times higher. btw here are my scans of the maxells, . at the very top of that post is the very best 8x burn i had so far [00034] which also was the very first disc in the spindle, and 00039 is just couple more screenshots down. also the lireon dosent seems to be a better burner than the 1620, no matter how good its scanning is. & are scans of daxons a guy did with a 1640, and even tho these r low quality discs they seems to be also quite consistent with the final scans, these scans also have very low pie [even if i achieved pif counts almost half of his, but still not as good as urs i guess.] and with the mij maxells ive got ud think id get pie numbers atleast 1/2 or 1/3 of what im getting, and lower pif’s too! i just want to improve the burn quality some more, esp the pie’s it seems, and lower pif’s wouldnt hurt either i guess.

but i think i understand what u mean by consistent/inconsistent quality. i probably can getaway by scanning just a couple of discs burnt from the top/bottom of the maxell spindle and know atleast 99% of the burns have been very close in quality to those scans and be safe. but this prob. wont work with the daxons and might even have to go as far as scanning every single 1 to make sure that its allright!

actually it was the bargain basement thread where i heard about the maxell sale @ staples, lol. not sure about the fuji/verbatims as most that i find are MIT, and even with MIJ’s with its a chance u might get some good quality TY/MCC [esp with the fujis it seems, but the 16x verbs are definitely mcc for sure.] unfortunately i probably wont be needing dvd’s for some time to come i think, with these maxells+daxons another 100 RMA’ed ritek r04 are coming in shortly. and yeah dont tell me about the riteks, coz im never buying them again, these are the last 1s!


benq 16x +r [daxon az2] @ 8x
1620 b7v9rpc1 [no riplock][daxon.az2, 8x max]
[flashed using b7l9 trick]
cds_test_b2, nero cd-dvd speed 4.01
97 QS - PIE 39 max / 114,482 ttl; PIF 6 max / 892 ttl @ 17924 smpls


benq 16x +r [daxon az2] @ 8x
1620 b7u9rpc1 [no riplock] [daxon.az2=mbipg101.r05, 8x max]
[flashed using b7l9 trick]
cds_test_b2, nero cd-dvd speed 4.01
97 QS - PIE 49 max / 121,805 ttl; PIF 6 max / 735 ttl @ 17914 smpls


benq 16x +r [daxon az2] @ 8x
1620 b7v9rpc1 [no riplock] [daxon.az2=mbipg101.r05]
[flashed using b7l9 trick]
cds_test_b2, nero cd-dvd speed 4.01
97 QS - PIE 34 max / 96,680 ttl; PIF 6 max / 730 ttl @ 17921 smpls

@ L’Arc-en-Ciel:

Hmm … you’re getting nice 97 QS’s and the PIF’s and jitter are fine, but I’m not sure what to make of the PIE’s. It’d be nice to see them about 1/2 of what they are in those scans. It could simply be the media, and it looks like you’ve gone through enough trouble with testing different firmwares.

Btw, compared to this scan, you’re looking pretty good. al2k mentions he’s "gone through 1.5 spindles with maybe 3? coasters - I scan all my burns and they all look pretty much like this one - even tried burning a few at 16x without the scans looking much worse (bigger spikes last 25%)."

Re. Your Maxell 002 scans, I’m not familiar with this MID, but based on memory, I think they’re within range of what I’ve seen esp. at 8x. I think Zevia has used a few of these in the past. Tried to do a quick search, but looks like you’ll have to dig up scans the hard way. :slight_smile:

One thing that STANDS OUT in your Maxell 002 scans is … your Benq 1620 beats the pants off your LiteOn 1693!! No comparison for that MID. So, at least there’s an upside. :iagree:

You mentioned something about a new power supply, so I’ll assume it now covers whatever problems you had before to require a new one. The Benq’s are definitely power supply sensitive, but I’d imagine not as much when burning at 8x.

hey dont be modest now, that 97q is all becoz of the tips u provided a few post up. its the pie’s that im wondering bout too [but definitely new to this media/drive/scan obsession that seems so prevalent in this forum, so not sure what to make of it :slight_smile: ] yah the firmware switching didnt really help, plus those 2 discs burnt now wont read back faster than 1.7x [starting speed!]

yeah ive definitely got half of al2k’s pif’s but again the pie’s are killing me. about the maxells, definitely whether its 8x or 12x, benq is the burner for it. i actually looked at some of the maxell 002 scans at this forum already. and after seeing this scan by zevia, i posted in the dare thread and asked him bout it. he also said the same thing as you. i havent got q97 yet the 2 burns i did were 93 and 94 respectively [but then again i only burned 2 discs @ 12x, and havent tried wopc off or spinup options yet.]

ya the crappy vantec-470 was slowly dying [i had to lower my overclock over the past 6 months several times] as the comp would suddenly reboot. at first i thought it was the 2 sticks of ram, but ive never even put more than 2.8v [actually <2.75 thanx to stupid asus] in those bh-5 in the 2+ years ive been using them [ya im still waiting to get a dfi nf4+a amd dual core to finally test the limits of these sticks.] but now ive got a ocz-600adj and i also took out the dvd-rom+the liteon cd burner and put the water cooler on a seperate wire altogether, and havent had any reboots in almost 4/5 days now, not to mention i can be sure that power fluctuations arnt causing the burners to churn out bad media anymore.

@ L’Arc-en-Ciel:

Btw … my DAXON AZ2’s … last 6 numbers on the burning side of the disc: D37P14 (m/b this is the batch code?).

Re. Reading Problems
You’ve mentioned a few problems with the speeds of the drive whether burning, reading, or transferring. I wonder if there may be more to it than just tweaking firmwares.

Hate to say it, but it may even be a hardware issue with the drive itself. You’ve gone through a lot of testing and sacrificed a lot of discs, so (up to you), but you could always consider an RMA - esp. since you are most likely within the first 30 days of purchase, where NewEgg will reimburse up to $10 of shipping the drive back to them.

Kinda sucks to even think of that, but it is at least an option you have considering the clock is ticking on NewEgg’s warranty. If you do go that route, make sure to get in writing / email that they’ll reimburse you your shipping cost to them - just to smooth out the post mortem of the RMA process.

not sure if its the batch # or not, but its also the exact # ive got on these medias [d37p14]

no theres no burn/read/scan/transfer prob with the drive, just the 2 specific medias 00058 [the first transfer was @ 16x but upon retesting the disc today it was done @ 1.7x-4x] and 00059, heck even 00060 transfer @ 16x. 00059 i scanned with qscan tool b4 burning and 00058 after i burned it, but remember i flashed the drive after every single burn!

thanx for the info on the rma, but im not sure if ill get any as i got the retail version of the 1620 from newegg as a replacement for a nec 3500 [however ive still got a few more months of warranty on the original purchase.]

its kinda weird that the 00059 burn wont transfer @ 16x on the benq but fine on the liteon, and still weirder that the 00058 burn transferred @ 16x after the burn [and after ejecting/inserting the disc again] but didnt after i flashed the drive with B7U9-RPC1 using the B7L9 trick, or for that matter reflashing the drive back to B7V9 with the B7L9 and without this trick! as the 00060 burn after flashing back to B7V9 can transfer @ 16x again. i wonder if its got anything to do with how the previous firmware burned the 00059 disc, but then again that still leaves the 00058’s weird slow transfer unanswered. heck even the 12x maxell burns that the liteon screwed up transfers @ 16x on the benq, just that the graph isnt smooth and theres an unrecovered read error [031100] at the end of the disc.

but on the other hand ive decided to return the 1693s and use that money towards a 1640 instead. thanx a bunch dude for all ur help.

NOTE: cept for the first 00058 transfer scan rest were done today with b7v9-rpc1 riplock removed and daxon.az2=mbipg101.r05 firmware

00058 after burning and now

Heads up! There’s no longer any BenQ’s at NewEgg except the 1620 PRO and the 1625. All the OEM 1620s are gone.