Benq1620 says no disc in? - for only one movie dvd

this is the first time my benq 1620 says there is no disc in it and this is for the 1 movie dvd that i put in it. it recognizes all others movie dvds and confirms their presence.
why only this movie dvd?
what can i do?

Maybe it’s a bad disc. Is it a foreign disc with another region code?

hmm yes foreign language disc but dont know if it has a regional code in it. how do i check that?
can dvddecrypter change that?

Try it in a standalone player or use a windows dvd player. They will tell you if it is the wrong region which it probably is. Then all you need is a RPC1 version of whatever version firmware flavor you like.

RPC1 version of whatever version firmware flavor you like - what are you saying here? what is rpc1 version of whatever version firmware?
i dont get it

i have rpc2 version not rpc1 version. i have b7p9. where do i get rpc1 version of it? give me a link. is it available from benq site?

are the 2 sticky “read firsts” at the beginiing of the forum that will answer your questions on where to find Region Protection Code modified firmware for the 1620. And also how to verify that it has changed.