BenQ1620 Fuji dvd+r8x tayo yuden or Platinum dvd+r ricohjpn r02

Which one is better and why

Thks alot

Well,… you take it the easy.
Use the search, and do some reading.

You should change your nickname in Young & Lazy. :rolleyes:

Try here.

Why quote me…pcdoc?
It should be “Well you take it the easy way”

I sure like to help people, but I get a bit angry when some post threads so easy without taking a bit of time to do some reading or using the search.
I’m just getting old I guess…in the earlier days we … ahhh never mind :confused:

Didn’t mean to quote you, just clicked the wrong damn button! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

The “getting old stuff” has been going on forever, but often new users aren’t aware a search fuction exists…