BenQ1620 b7v9 to g7v9

I upgraded my dvd drive firmware with the b7v9 firmware then later realized that I should have used g7v9. Now it will not let me upgrade. How can i go back and then upgrade to g7v9? Originally it was aptia something.

You did the right thing by flasing with B7V9. I would suggest keep it or even better flash it with newer B7W9.

Gxxx is the OEM version firmware and Bxxx is retail firmware which is much better overall.

Thanks for your reply zevia. I wasn’t sure if I was going to have problems.

Hi, I have an MSI DR16-B2 which I think is the same as Benq 1620. So the situation is very common: the drive is dead after firmware update, bios doesn’t even detect it. I tried BQFlash by Quickee with command line parameters to not detect drives but all I got is “flash command fail”. I tried with .exe and cvt-s but result is the same error mesage. Then I tried windwflash, but after clicking on “flash” button there is no reaction - nothing happened at all. Am I doing something wrong? Please help, any advice would be greatly appreciated!