BenQ1620 And Standalones



Hi guys i have a benq1620 myself(lucky bastard)with some high Quality Media Fuji dvd+r 8x TY002.

I got no problem running this dvds on many dvd standalones but a friend of mine cant get them to work on his LG standalone i burned them as dvd-rom in nero.So what can the problem be?I dont know the type of LG he got.

Hope someone can help to solve the problem i thougt whith bitsetting on dvd-rom the dvds wil play 99% on all standalones he get this error Cant read cd or something like that all the Fuji dvds from me got the same error when he want to play them…

Hope a person is able to help

Thks in advantage


Try finding out the make & model the DVD player and check it against whats on this site in terms of support for DVD+R

I have come across an odd player before that wont read DVD+R discs even if their bitset to DVD-ROM but only once, but thats what I would check out first.


Thks man is there a change that i can play this Fuji dvd+r(bitsetting to dvd-rom)on a non modded Xbox?

Just a question


I sure can play it on my Xbox.

BTW what software do you use to burn the DVD?
I have been using Nero and set it to DVD-Video before burning and I can play it on all my standalone DVD players, even on a very old Panasonic DVD-A310 player.

If you need help burning with Nero in DVD-Video mode, check out DDlooping’s excellent guide :-


Thks i will check that out


Okay guys the most weird thing happend i burned them all automatic bitsetting(dvdrom) his Lg standalone Type 3620 could not read the dvds disc error

So i burned another one on Fuji media again but setting the bitsetting to dvd+r now the Lg player can read it???Only he gets black white screen so i got 2 questions for the experts here:

How is it possible that i need to change the bitsetting to dvd+r(bitsetting to dvdrom is most compatible i thought

And how come that my buddy is getting black white screen

Let me know and again big thks for helping me


Anyone able to help?


It is just a fact that some standalones can play +r and not -rom. The black and white could be because you try to play a PAL dvd on a NTSC setup.


Considering the BenQ sets the booktype to DVD-Rom by default, I would set Nero to not change the booktype. I really don’t like Nero for dvd movies. I have seen it give me too many problems with a few picky players. I’ve burned the same movie as an ISO or the files with a different app and it played fine.

Try making a ISO from your dvd files with IMGTool and burn it with DVDDecrypter. See if that helps your problems.

It could also be an authoring problem with your movie. Some picky players will pick up on this and some won’t.


Oh, there’s an indicator on the front of your friend’s stand-alone DVD player, and it means that compatibility issues and intermittent failures are to be expected before the unit expires, having reached the required quota of end user frustration. [LG]


If his LG is hooked up to his TV using an S-Video cable tell him to make sure it’s plugged in good. This is usually the cause for a black and white screen. It’s happened to two of my buddies and this was the cause. In one case my buddy not knowing what he was doing just forced the s-video cable into the socket and bent one of the connectors. A small screwdriver soon fixed that and he was back up and running in color. Solution sounds simple because they usually are.


Hi guys again i found a standalone who not likes the Fuji or the way the fuji burns…

Its this standalone device JVC TH9 4 years old , its from my dad he never had any problem with + and - dvds…until now

Again i burned the fujis at automatic settings(dvd-rom)and the JVC Player was not able to read the discs at all and i tested here in home and no problem at all on 3 dvd standalone devices…?
First The LG now The Jvc …hmmmm dvd-rom compattible with 99% of all devices i doubt that

I will try burn the fuji at bitsetting Dvd+r because that helped on th LG too

Any one else got those similar problems?

Thks alot


Is that JVC the all in one system? If it’s the model I think it is it’s known to be extremely picky where media is concerned and actually seems to prefer cheap discs as opposed to high quality. I would not classify it as a good reader by any stretch of the imagination. The Toshibas I’ve always found to be very iffy with DVD recordable discs. In the past 18 months between my friends and my sister they’ve returned a total of 5 Toshibas for refunds and bought either Pioneers or Sonys and the same discs that wouldn’t play in the Toshiba play in these machines.


You are just trying to bring Kenshin out of the wood works right? hehe, I’m surprised he hasn’t responded to that yet. :bigsmile: