BenQ1620 and Plextor716A



I already have 2 BenQ1620’s and am looking for another DVD writer. Does anyone have both a BenQ1620 and a Plextor716A ?

I’m very have with the quality of the BenQs but am tempted to play the field.
Tied an NEC3520A which managed to burn rings on a Taiyo - quite an achievement - so it went back. Can’t think of any other serious competition at the moment.


i just bought a plextor 716a with firmware version 104 and it works great :slight_smile:


Thanks - I’m almost certain to buy - but given its much higher cost - need an excuse. How would you say that is compares with the BenQ1620 ?


Do some reading over in the Plextor forum. Several people there own both drives. I was thinking about a Plextor 716, but I can’t quite get over the price. Even with the $30 rebate (I hate rebates).

The LG4163 looks much more interesting to me. If it could do quality scans, I would have already bought one. The price is down to $68.49 delivered from Newegg.

On the other hand, there are a lot of neat things to play with in the Plextools package. If it just didn’t cost so much…


Go get the 716a from a store or online with easy return policy.
Overall, I would rate 716 equals 1620. The details will be another story. Some area 716 better than 1620, some otherwise.


Seen some QC issues with recent 1620s. I’d go with 716. Expensive, but very fast ripper.


QC issue exists in all hardwares. I wouldn’t worry to much though. Remember that people post here because they:

  • have problems
  • ask questions
  • show off scans in “16x under 16mins” or “burn quality hall of fame” threads. :smiley:


Sure, but too many experienced forum members are having problems with the BenQ.


Apparently all problems are due to a) misconfigurations or b) bad hw.


Thanks everyone for your replies. I will probably go for the Plextor simply because Its been a while since I owned one. As far as the BenQ QC issue is concerned I agree with zevia. My two BenQ drives were “born” in Malaysia in August 04 and November 04.
At different times I have felt that one was better than the other but slight differences in media and system more than outweigh any real differences. So my vote still goes for the BenQ as being the best - although it is probably significant that both my models were made on the second floor - Have hear mixed reports about those made in the basement and even worse stories about those made on Friday afternoons :cool:



I often take part on a thread in a french forum about Benq 1620/Philips 1640 and its’s always the same problems :

  • UDMA is not activated (more than 50% of the problems)
  • Problem with IDE driver (an other big part of the problems)
  • The drive dies after 3 or 4 burns
  • And sometime there are problems with old versions of Nero


You forgot to mention that you know problems 1,2 and 4 from the CDFreaks Liteon forum. These problems are not caused by the burners. I also like the INCD or ASPI problems :slight_smile:



The problem is that many people that don’t have experience think point 1, 2, 4 and problems with InCD or ASPI are caused by the burner :frowning:


I have a Benq 1620, Nec3500 and Plex 716. I actually mostly used my NEC before I had my Plex. The Nec 3500 is awesome if you look at read speed. Just before I bought my Plex I had 2 Nec’s, one to read, one to write, both with LD firmware, burns awesome at 16X. The Benq is also a great writer, but lacks the reading superspeed. What I like about Plex/Benq is errorscanning. The Plex has a lot more option when it comes to errorscanning. It’s also a very good writer. But if you already have 2 Benq’s the only thing I would buy was a Nec3500/3520 because then you can write 16X on the fly :). The latest LD fw for 3520 is quite good for several media.


I have nothing against NEC ( have had several good burners in the past) but having just returned a bad 3520A I have my reservations.


I had a Benq 1620 that was faulty too. The wopc was too sensitive and I could only burn at 4X, but that didn’t stop me from getting another one…
I also had a crappy Liteon 1213S that I misflashed, got RMA for it :slight_smile: and bought me my 2nd Nec then.