BenQ1620 and NEC 3500 have trouble with CDRW media



Hello ALL:

I have the above two DVD Burners and went to burn an MP3 CDRW for my wife. I have always done this before on a cd burner and she uses it in my RIO that she stole from me :smiley: . When she is sick of the compilation, we erase it.

Now that we have the two new DVD Burners, I thought I would make her another CD. I find that offbrand media either skips, or will not play at all when burned in either DVD Burner. Is this expected, as this same media (4X cdrw and 10x cdrw) works just fine if I burn it with the old LiteOn 52246S that these DVD Burners replaced.


Gee, I expected lots of comments to this post. As an update, I burned the cdrw in my old LiteOn 52246S and it was perfect. Both the BenQ and the NEC 3500 burned it OK, but my MP3 player only reads the one made on the LiteOn…same media.


What kind of burner was that LiteOn? CD or DVD?
And what speed did you use to burn those RWs? Maybe your new DVD writers use a higher speed as a default.
Lowering the speed to minimum and then slowly step it up is generelly a good idea with a new writer IMO.



LiteOn is an older 52x CD burner. The cdrw was a 4x cdrw, but the same was true of 10x media. I know this is not great media, but the CD burner always works and both DVD burners do not. I have no trouble with DVD’s. I do have some very good 24X cdrw Verbatim’s that I can try, but I just was surprised that the DVD burners did not work with the media that the older dedicated CD burner always liked.


I would just say that CD-RW writing is probably not the main focus of a DVD writer … if two those writers produced bad CD-RWs I am not that surprised, but would rather suspect some problem with that old media more than problems with 2 (known as good) writers.

Try to fully erase (at a low speed, if selectable) those CD-RWs several times with the same DVD writer you will write them with, and maybe even get one new CD-RW to retest. In the end, CD-RWs do not live forever.


I have just done a CDSpeed test burn with Verbatim 10x CD-RW and 24x CD-RW in my Philips 1640 (aka BenQ 1620).

Both burned fine - the former better than the latter.


Well, I did erase them. I will try my 24X cdrw’s next. Anyway, I can just use my old CD Burner for them.


I’m of the opinion that these dvd burners are not optimized for cd-rw’s as sometimes I have these isues also and I also have these two drives. Not reallly nothing to be worried about but I do wish that there was a little more attentions givin to these areas when producing these drives, even if it were just a firmware thing which I think it is. I know these are “dvd burners” but I still think they should do all things equally well.