BenQ1620 And Fuji Dvd+r 8x TayoYuden(japanese)

Hi guys im got my Benq now for a few days awesome burner i got some nice media too Fuji dvd+r 8x TayoYuden but it seems i get a little to high jitter how can i lower the jitter i burned most dvds at 12x with the fuji media but this one was at 8x here is the test:
Hope someone can help or explain

Jitter spike at the beginning!!

Now its even get more bad,
This burn was done at same media at 12x
This is my most bad burn with this(good)media

Again jitterspike at the beginning

PI/PIF levels look good.
Do you have any drives that can read DVD+Rs at 16X ?
A 16x transfer rate test could help determine whether or not the jitter affects readability.
I think your burns are probably fine…

if not sure keep the TYs burning at 8x and you are fine

Relax. The only thing bad about your first scan is that it was saved as .jpg. There is nothing to worry about.

if jitter is under 15% thats fine your scan has jitter as 11.7% max so your fine.

Hmm now im Curious…

About the max jitter some say it cant be higher then 11% others say 12% and now its even save at 15%

Can pls someone clear things up…

Thks alot again

I can’t “Officially” clear it up, but if KenW says 15%, I certainly buy it… :wink:

So a little Vote here i think
When is a jitter acceptable

Until 11 Until 12 Until 15

Thks again

I got 15% level from Zebra and NicW, I didnt read it anyplace. I know I should be able to tell you a url , but I dont have one.

Yep, this has also been stated by Jamos a while ago here. :wink:
Although he is refering to NuTech drive, there shouldn’t be that much difference to other.