iam very intereted on the cdr/cdrw features of this drive!
i hope benq upgradet there very slow cdr/cdrw speeds for this drive!!

if the cdrw speed is by 24x so i will buy benqs new speedkiller!!
plextor can go home with his 712!! :Z

On A German site it states that the CD specs are the same as the 800. 24x10x.

why benq have on every dvd burner so very slow cd speeds??

then no benq!

Should be the same as the Philips DVDRW1640 that was announced with 40x/24x CD-R/RW speed at Cebit (hopefully they haven’t reduced it).

Oh Boy, I hope you are right !!!

Currently have DW822A but will hold off the purchase till the 4X DL version becomes available sometime after September. Understand this version besides having the 4X DL support will have +/- support at 16X.

Sometime around September of this year, BenQ will come out with the DW1620 model. Will support DL @ 4X, +/-R @ 16X, +/-RW @8X. Will be waiting until then usless NEC comes out with a better model…

DW1620 will basically be a DW1600 with built in support for 8x/4x DVD-R/RW. It’s probably the DW1630 you’re thinking of and it will not show up until Q4 at the earliest.

Your right, It’s the DW1630 I am waiting on…
I understand October but more than likely EOY…
I should still have a fairly good resale value on my DW822A with official DVD 9 DL support by then…